Tracking USPS as it reaches SA

hi hi all.

Anyone know how we can try tack a package originating from USA via USPS (have USPS tracking number) once it hit our shore.


If it gets handed over to SAPO (as it usually is), then you need to call SAPOs call centre on 0860111502, provide them with USPS tracking number and ask them for the allocated Domestic tracking number (e.g. AB123456789ZA) for that shipment.
Also, you must check with SAPO on customs duties, etc

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I use which works pretty well. Just keep a tab open, refresh every morning, but they also have an app with push notifications.

Usually things go quiet for almost 2 weeks (sometimes more) between the last international update (arrived in country) and the first national one (“Incomming international” [sic]).

ye, the update on that site matches the USPS update, it departed for Jhb Int (last update 12 Sept)


ok… 0860111502 informed me parcel handed over to Customs… but they also can’t tell me how to get in touch with customs, and since it is with customs they don’t have a local tracking number assigned yet… oh we make it so easy for the world to laugh at us.


My advice… use for these things.

I find that most of the time SAPO did not even pick up the phone. And when they did they could not give any information. It does not seem that their system has a link between the local in international tracking numbers. Why they just not use the existing number no one knows (I would guess their system cannot handle it, or someone decided they don’t want to).
In the end it should arrive (with a local tracking number that know one knows what it is). You just need to be patient.
Last item I did took 1 week from US to JHB with daily updates, and then another 9 weeks from there to me with no updates.

Sit back, relax, we, the Gov have your best interest at heart.

I once waited 6 weeks for a parcel, that arrived in SA within days from China, to get past customs.

how’s that going to help me find this parcel ?
customers clearance is telling me they can’t help me, SAPO is saying it’s not with them, it’s

been there also, worst I waited was just over 4 months, similar, from sender to SA border/customs was 4 days that time… and then it just disappeared down a hole.

Eventually had the sender warrantee replace, and send via DHL. got the replacement, week later the original package arrived. Sender said just keep both…


I suppose this doesn’t really help, but the Post Office has NEVER lost one of my parcels…

Destroyed one (and let me know), yes. Delivered 2x after 9 months (weird that it happened twice), yes. Charged me 200% of my real, legit, invoice value in tax, yes.

But NEVER lost one.

Soo… sit tight?

Next time it will … :-/

ye… think we are all self responsible for the shit service we get because we all just realise we have to sit tight and wait, our local postal services I think we all agree is a joke, and no its not our fault, but think we should also demand that they f’ing them self.
and no I’m not one to just sit tight if there is something in the parcel that’s important to me… that has a time value for me.

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I had a parcel ship last month from California, made it across 2 continents to JHB in 5 days, been in transit between JHB & CTN for 28 days :smiley:

Call SAPO and they just tell me its with customs I must call in a week.

I rarely ship things if it makes use of SAPO as I know the end result but this was a low cost purchase so had no choice.