There may be a problem? (Pylontech batt. bank)

Hello all,
Usually I run and “check” the system on Home Assistant and now after a while I logged into the VRM.

I must say I was a bit surprised with what I am seeing

Overloading every now and then by a few seconds, ok, I can take (lot of little people in the house and they don’t know about the load shedding, and inverter capacity vs battery vs pv solar (evening)…

I am getting the “low battery” alarm for a second every now and then…from the times, middle of the night when nothing is working and there is no heavy consumption :roll_eyes:

Anthing to worry about or?

My first thought is why have this info if one does not take some time to find out why?

Maybe it is normal, maybe it is the start of something else. Good idea to confirm that methinks.

Low battery warning shows up when you are within 0.6V (or something like that, I cannot remember perfectly) from the 0.001C voltage you configured for your ESS “dynamic cut off” curve.

So getting a “nuisance” warning may simply indicate that your curve is a little high, it might even mean nothing. It will show up at times of moderate to low power use while they may be nothing to worry about. Especially on 15-cell batteries where 0.6V might not be all that much anyway.

I configured this a while ago according to the settings that I believe I found on Victron site


Not sure if anyone can confirm if its correct or must I change anything?
Cutoff is the same on all C values :thinking:

Those settings will only be used if you do NOT have a GX device connected.
But I expect you do have a GX or else you would not publish data to VRM.

As far as I know the Pylontech will be picked up with a few auto settings as soon as you connect the master to the GX. So check in the DVCC settings what you have there

Hmm…As per one of the manuals, its just turned on as I think BMS does the rest
Or am I wrong?

Not true. Even with a GX device connected, if you drop below the cut-off curve, it will either switch to passthru (if the grid is available) or turn off (if the grid is off), and if you get close to the curve, it will raise a low voltage warning. The ESS curve replaces the low voltage cut-off.

46.6V in a 15-cell battery is 3.1V per cell, which is somewhere around 15% to 20% SOC. So depending on the SOC at that time of the day, calibration differences, etc etc… it could be normal.

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The Forced On is built into the VenusOS firmware when it seems Pylontech hardware. So that is good.
It will use the settings from the battery.

Ok, so in short (fingers crossed) nothing to worry about :slight_smile: