The pains of Voltronics + Pylontech + SolarAssistant

Hello everyone, i’m new in the forum, but lurking for a long time, I’m based here from Chile (yeah, South América) latitude 33 south.

I have a large setup (for a home), that has never got to work smoothly.

My setup:

  • 4 strings of 9x 550W risen Solar panels
  • 2x Axpert MAX 10K, parallel setup, with grid backup for rainy days.
  • central Busbar 500A for DC
  • 12x Pylontech UP5000 batteries. (bought in 3 batches: 8, 2 and 2), of course 2 models (C1 and C3) and 4 firmwares in total (V1.3 thru 2.9)
  • OrangePi 3LTS running Solar Assistant

Getting the system to run smoothly has been challenging, mostly the automation and control.
Last problem was getting all batteries to report and charge synchronously (never got totally equalized), i submitted a case to pylontech and they sent my BatteryView 3.0.37 and latest firmwares for each serial number, and precise instructions serial number by serial number.
Followed them to the letter, however sadly the two most backlevel batteries bricked. Jumping from 1.3 to 2.9 was apparently too much. i have 2 batteries down, with the BMS bricked.

So today i’m waiting to be “day time” in China to get support to help me with a “bootloader recovery” on the batteries. - Saw the procedure it in PowerForum. Looks like my way to recovery the batteries. but i need the upgrade-tool which seems a little more featured than battery view for this task.

I will report back my findings, if anyone wants BatteryView 3.0.37 just send me a PM and i’ll share it.

Best regards form LAT33°S Chile.


Welcome. Hope you get it all sorted. @JacoDeJongh is also a good resource for your woes on the bootloader.

Just one thought …

If you can see your way to Victron and a Venus/Cerbo, the above could be awesomely sorted.

My Cerbo, with NodeRED on, switches my geyser on, as one example.

There are others here who went way WAY beyond that ito Automation and Victron.