The new Victron interface, you saw it here first

Note: This is on Release Candidate v3.20~30 - for the very brave.

@Phil.g00 , sien, ek is nie bang. :rofl:

Here, for all’s enjoyment …

More info here:


It looks very nice. But I will wait a while before I test it out… Im not as brave as you

The old one is still there, you have to alter the page address to see it … but it is taking some time to get used to it.

Personally, don’t give me options …

It’s very basic - I like the old one with more info etc. That said I prefer my HA one anyway …

EVERYTHING we see on the old interface is on the new one. They activate the menu options as they have moved it over. Big job.

Settings, bottom right.

Must say, to get to things now is SO much faster/easier/more logical. And no need to have a phone Auto Rotate on anymore. I like that.

A new door is opened to what can be done I the future.

@mmaritz Please share your HA version?

Hi @Thaelian

But I built my own basic dashboard… not pretty at all…

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@mmaritz here is mine … helmet is complimentary.

Can see every single item of the entire system in detail. That’s how I roll …

… joking … saw the pic and thought of HA.


Just for those who don’t know yet, with NO effort on my side, Victron has added a few more features these last few months.

Have the Actual vs Projected usage and solar per day, and it is pretty accurate for my array orientation too.

And I can see the projected and actual Irradiance if I want to “drill down”:

Different strokes for different folks.

The YR App is still my most used App for SOC settings. :slight_smile:
Ties in pretty much with Victron’s predictions too.

This is quite cool on the new interface, based on the loads, the TTG:

…and there I thought TTG stands for…TheTerribleGizmo :upside_down_face:

It has been said that all machines are smoke machines if you operate them wrong enough, and in the same manner, I suppose all gizmos can be TerribleGizmos when operated by our resident smoke releaser :slight_smile:

Update, with all the screens coming in 2024 for all ye scared folks not wanting to be on cutting edge, or is that bleeding edge … bleh, that’s why they invented plasters with cool pictures on them. Ask the 2.1yo, she likes them, takes the booboos away instantly.

On Release Candidate v3.20~35

I saw this on another site. Apparently from Next generation power wall rendered by AI. Source Victron Fb.

Neat. :slight_smile: