The new Sunsynk dongle

Is anyone using the new Sunsynk dongle, would like to compare

I am also interested in feedback, as I am looking at upping my Goodwe to a Sunsynk 8kW.

They will most likely first have to clear current stock, before we start seeing the new units.

Sunsynk was busy developing their own app and monitoring, wonder if this is the reason for the new dongle.

SMH Build by Centurion solar is an impressive App, I visited their offices last week Friday to look at all the features and functions and I can tell you, this has come a long way since the Original ICC. It has forked a few times and went into different directions, but i was truly impressed by the Home assistant futures, reporting, cloud storage ext ext… And they are currently adding the Synsynk inverters as well.

Thanks Jaco. Will check out their development.

you are correct Jaco, I managed to wangle one of their beta test dongles, it is does have a lot of info/graphs, it is not real time yet, 5 minutes for now, however next year the data transfer will be real according to their IT manager
will try to upload some of the screens from my phone to pc and onto the forum

I have one on my Inverter and My father has one. The difference is major. I can now see a lot more settings from each PV string performance in watts and amp, to the state of the battery, Temp, SOC, Usage, Charge and discharge and more like the load etc. The information is double what you could get from the solarman Dongle. The fact its not real time is hardly noticeable, when I view. And I can update remotely now but its still a bit buggy so I am not doing that. I can also view multiple inverters, called Plants inventory. I Only have praise for the new Dongle.

@RyanG Joel at Sunsynk set mine for the shortest delay, which is one minute, they have plans to go real time.

I can see all those parameters in 6-minute samples from the Device Data → Detailed Data export from Solarman Smart. I have a Deye inverter, so I probably can’t get the Sunsynk unit, but so far I haven’t seen anything that would make me choose the Sunsynk dongle over something like Solar Assistant or even plain old Solarman even if I could. The web interface looks garish and disjointed (I have seen better-looking home-grown platforms) and 1-minute vs 6-minute refresh rates are not significant (for me).

@Scubadude , you are right regarding the quality of the Sunsynk interface.
The remote control is nice, as it pretty much replicates the inverter interface itself ( i know some of you guys have managed that on Solarman )
The one minute interval ( Sunsynk says they are going to go real time this year ) is important to me,as I use the Cbi Astute’s to control various appliances around the house.
Also another upgrade is going to be the ability to view the screen which shows the two mppt’s, power going to ups/aux and home and ct and load draw.

Is one of these appliances perhaps your geyser?

Do you know whether the CBI Astute Smart Controller has an override / bypass function?

In case your internet and wifi is down at home and you cant use the app on your phone.

I cant seem to get this information anywhere, not even from their support guys. Emails are just not being answered.

Yes, there is an override button to manually switch on / off.

@Scubadude Your comment on the interface if you dont have it? I am a bit confused as to your contribution on the new dongle, are you able to view the full options? I have used the solarman on the Sunsynk and I dont recall it having anything on the battery, Both MPPT in the detail I can get on the new dongle. It was quite basic for me. As a first attempt I think this is pretty good.I was asked what I would improve and other than what Tarige mentions, not a lot.

@RyanG the interface was splashed on Facebook and elsewhere. I don’t need to own a Fiat Multipla to know it looks like dog poo.

I attach a screenshot (as pdf, no sunshine now, unfortunately) of device detail in Solarman Smart (web) and a couple of days of exported device data. Not sure what else you may need.

Inverter2107054592-Detailed Data-20220104.xlsx (66.6 KB)
solarmanpv.pdf (388.8 KB)

@Scubadude No comparison. You got to be kidding me. I have to download a Excel (Its very Ugly) Just to view what I can pretty much see in one screen , is about 9999 Columns in excel and 30 percent are 000 , not talking about now scrolling up and down and left and right, OR now I have to put it into charts myself. No sorry. I dont have the time or the will power to keep doing that. My requirements are much simpler. I can see why you dont like the new dongle. You like to complicate it with excel.

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Straight from the web interface … :slight_smile:

I thought about the deeper home automation angle, and sure, there could be huge opportunity to play with and possibly benefit from real-time data. I’m not that into HA though … I want to look at trends and make adjustments that cater to 90% of my needs. Having said that, after the initial fiddling about I haven’t made changes to my system parameters in weeks. And I don’t expect to make any until the season starts changing …

As with anything, everybody has their favorites, likes and dislikes, I try to worry about my own thing, YMMV :laughing: :laughing:

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With the Solarman smart app you can get graphs about most info from the inverter, from voltages to temps, power, just about anything.

The question though is how often do you actually use all of that. My system is up and running for about 18 months now. I check the daily production every few days, if there’s an issue with production, I check the production of the individual strings for each of my inverters, that’s about it.

I’ve asked sunsynk to enable the control feature for me so that I can change settings remotely.

I also have my inverters integrated with home assistant and I check the main information there.

Sure, if you buying new, its about a R1000 difference between the solarman and the sunsynk dongles but for me, with 2 inverters, it doesn’t make sense to spend over 3k to get something marginally better with features that I won’t use.

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Has anyone tested the Sunsynk dongle on a Deye?

Hi @JacoDeJongh. We have now added the Sunsynk range to SMH. We are now testing it and it will be live soon. You can set profiles etc the same as you can do with all the other inverters.

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