The new Sunsynk dongle

Is anyone using the new Sunsynk dongle, would like to compare

I am also interested in feedback, as I am looking at upping my Goodwe to a Sunsynk 8kW.

They will most likely first have to clear current stock, before we start seeing the new units.

Sunsynk was busy developing their own app and monitoring, wonder if this is the reason for the new dongle.

SMH Build by Centurion solar is an impressive App, I visited their offices last week Friday to look at all the features and functions and I can tell you, this has come a long way since the Original ICC. It has forked a few times and went into different directions, but i was truly impressed by the Home assistant futures, reporting, cloud storage ext ext… And they are currently adding the Synsynk inverters as well.

Thanks Jaco. Will check out their development.

you are correct Jaco, I managed to wangle one of their beta test dongles, it is does have a lot of info/graphs, it is not real time yet, 5 minutes for now, however next year the data transfer will be real according to their IT manager
will try to upload some of the screens from my phone to pc and onto the forum