The disconnect between the rich and poor world

Thanks, Richard. An interesting read.

The rich countries are not falling over themselves trying to encourage the developing world to move beyond fossil fuels.
This is obvious in the commentary on Macron’s Climate Finance summit:

“But rich countries were unwilling to do much more than talk. One indicator was that, though plenty of top officials showed up from Africa and Asia to demand cash, few of a similar standing showed up from the countries that are supposed to be paying, other than Mr Macron and Ms Yellen. Britain sent Andrew Mitchell, the long-suffering minister for development; Italy sent a junior minister. Representatives from Germany and China only arrived for dinner after Thursday’s main affair.”

They’re also starting to backtrack on their goals for EVs. Or maybe they’re being more pragmatic. They’re starting to talk in terms of hybrids and ICE vehicles using carbon neutral fuels.

Maybe it’s unfair to say “backtrack”. Carbon neutral fuels may suit poor countries better.