Testing/checking small home UPS

… if I have access to some car size LA batteries…
anyone have a BMS / inverter (link to one that can be used) I can fit to change into a UPS ? - as a option.

this is going to carry a pfSense on small finless white box, 24port switch with with some PoE and 8 x RPi3’s and 4’s


Well, if you have access to largish 12v LA batteries, and you want a reliable inverter to use as an pure UPS — man, then I have the answer for you :smile:

Phoenix Inverter 12/3000-230V VE.Bus - #4 by Deon_in_ZA

Agreed this is overkill.

In the other thread you mentioned just adding larger LA batteries to the current UPS electronics.

Although this can be done, keep in mind that the electronics was not designed nor made for the longer charging times this will take to bring the bigger batteries up to full charge. It will most likely run hot and die an early death.

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agree, why i was asking the question re the 7AH board reusing.


I don’t think you’d have much of a problem with the recharging side. These small UPSes generally have very small charging stages, and they already take ages to recharge the battery, that is to say, it is already designed to charge for prolonged periods.

What it isn’t designed for is high power discharge over prolonged periods. But if you put only a small load on it, it will take longer before it overheats. So you can quite possibly get away with slightly larger batteries. How slightly… well probably no more than about four times the normal size. And I pretty much thumb-sucked that number.

Another thing to keep in mind: These UPSes often have absolutely attrocious no-load consumption values. They can sit there drawing as much power as the television they are holding up (eg, my Samsung 32" – I am a humble man when it comes to my television – uses about 35W).

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primary idea here is to carry the tv/amp/appletv and xbox1 when the power drops for 30-60seconds due to a system reset.

same on the network cabinet, it’s a ed router, separate fw, 24port PoE capable switch and 8 x RPi4’s…
best might be simply to rebuild it with some new 7Ah batteries.

So what is the total backup load you require?

haven’t actually even bothered to look, do math.

use to run one of these previous with my edge router and a small Netgear NAS and it was doing what was required for over a hour/2 so not worried about it being able to carry the load for say 10min max while the system reboots…

For now think I would also have reduced the likeliness of reboots as I upped my max invert to 2.5Kw and decided I will look at getting a 3rd Pylontech, a 3400 which ups will allow me to increase this max invert further.

It’s not that I need a constant high Invert Kw/h, jsut when the grid drops, that knock… where I can then also shut the 3 high load items off via the Sonoffs thats already in line with their feeds.


Can I interest you in a Delta 1kvA UPS? Pure sine wave on-line double conversion…
These UPSs (I have a couple) were installed in the field with horrific noisy mains which killed the charging circuit so I repaired them…
Price R1kManual_UPS_GAIA_1_3kVA_en_us.pdf (1.3 MB)

cost to ship down to me, Jeffreysbay?


I see it has management interface. have you done code to expose in HA ? or also into Victron Management VRM, curious.
I’d use this one at the computer rack, … it looks like it’s 19" rack compatible, 2u high?


I’ve only used the hardwired I/O to automatically shut it down when it’s not required.
I’m in CT. Which is best courier to JB?
Yes. 19" rack size. I don’t have the brackets however…

taking in DM… call me quickly


I also bought a SNMP card for this which I could retrieve (I think) if req.

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I would like the card, yes please, please give me a call, need weight and dimension of box, need to find out what shipping is going to cost,

please see my DM (Direct Message) for my phone number.

Have someone in Cpt I need to talk to… that might be able to ship it, but will need to know dimensions and weight.

looks like 2 of that 3 u in my rack I’m putting together that I thought was open might not be open anymore, hehehe


It weighs 8kg
Size is 440 x 340 x 90 unboxed
PS: I haven’t got the SNMP card with me (Still in Jhb)

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ok, let me get back to you tomorrow/Monday, just need to find out what shipping is going to cost.


I saw you mention this last time and I thought… that doesn’t sound right. And then decided to leave it…

Are you saying the system switches off at times? It shouldn’t do that. If the grid is there, the excess load just goes to the grid. If the grid isn’t there… it will only switch off if the battery requests a zero discharge current. Off the grid… it ignores the max current setting… since it cannot do a thing anyway. Discharge current depends only on the load.

If you have random outages… you have bigger problems than just a max current setting that is too low.

My understanding is the inverter can only deliver its rated power. If it is overloaded then it will trip… This happens when the grid fails since the additional grid power to power the loads (grid tie) isn’t available…