Test Facility Benefit

I have set up a training and test facility at our factory to test INVT / Megarevo inverters. I also use it to put new batteries through a series of tests. I have an 8kw INVT / 10kwh Lithium Valley, 5kw INVT / 5.15kwh Lithium Valley, 6kw Megarevo / 6kwh Menred battery, 3kw MegaRevo / 5kwh SVolt, 5kva Multi / 5kwh Etower and a 5kw Sunsynk / 5.12kwh BSl on the wall. They are all connected to the output of a 45kva Victron system through a Carlo Gavazzi set up as a PV inverter. The victron has a 96kwh battery bank and we hardly make it through the night.

I have about 12kwp test panels on the roof. I use the panels to fill up the batteries in the training room during the day and then stagger them to discharge during the night. The victron then sees them as a PV inverter and either reduces its consumption from the 96kwh bank or if the “dump” is bigger than the loads it will use the surplus to recharge its own bank.

There is no load connected to the inverters in the training room, I send aal the battery power to the “Grid”, in this case the output of the Victron inverter. Once the batteries are fully charged during the day, the surplus Pv goes through to the Main Victron system.

This is after 10 in the evening, just dumping the training rooms battery power.

A nice way of testing and having a benefit from all the equipment being tested.


Did you do a diagram of the build/layout? Keen to see that published here…

Would love to visit, since its just n klipgooi ver :slight_smile:


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Too many panels, Need to disconnect from the grid completely to be able to control the feedback during the day with the Fronius pumping away. Soft disconnect the grid using the Victron assistants is not effective as the frequency of the still connected grid effects the frequency shift control loop. At night I can also control the INVT inverters with frequency shifting as this little gem was build into the standard config file. I can set that up to mach the industry standards and shut down the inverter in the case of over production.

For this weekend (low consumption as no one is here) we have switched off the grid to ensure that we can Frequency shift both the Fronius and the Test room all at once.

Trying to see how close we could get to an offgrid system.

You are more than welcome sir. My new 20kw test bank should be on site next week, than I dont have to run around the building collecting all the 2 bar heaters and kettles i can find to conduct my test.

Would be great to meet you in person after all of the discussions we had in the past. You have my number, let me know when you are able to pop in.

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What is nice in most of these setups is that I can dump the battery at 1C from 100-20% every day. I can do it twice a day, but I think thats overdoing it.

Here is a rough one Mark, too tired tonight to put more effort into it. It should give you an idea.

A very nice setup.
What would be the normal daily operation?
I am just curious about the position of the Carlo and what you have it set up to do for you.

Mainly training, testing batteries and unknown panels in comparison to same size Ja, Canadian and longis. Surplus send to output of Victron system. Carlo (Set up as PV inverter) for measuring the energy send to and in sone cases drawn from the Victron.

I have set up the input voltage of all the HV inverters in the testing room to match the normal standard of a Pv inverter so that the Victron can control or shutdown the test inverters feedback when the energy is not needed.

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