TBB power inverters - Victron MPII alternative?

Heard of those inverters these days, especially the Appolo Matrix.

A friend of mine who told me about this, said that it looks like a Victron Multiplus II “clone” with integrated MPPT 150/60 and similar LF design with big transformer.
Actually it really looks similar on paper, even on photos and phy specs. The stated surge capabilities looks impressive if they are true of course.

The batteries they offer look like Pylontech clone and it is stated that the inverter supports only them. The inverter have can and rs485 comm ports.

If this can be set to communicate with some BMSs (like JBD, JK, etc) such a device can be promising.

I will be interested in hearing your comments or experience (if any) with those inverters,

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Im not really sure what your point is?

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The inverter reminds me more of a Voltronics than Victron. The control panel is that same calculator display with a few buttons underneath.

I’ve no experience with these inverters, or what your use case would be, but if you are in South Africa and want to do something to help with loadshedding, then think hard whether you want to replace Eskom with something similarly trustworthy/reliable.

Your link indicates they hail from a Nigerian reseller of a Chinese inverter.
That inspires a lot of confidence.
I may wire some of my funds directly to them as I recently had several heretofore unknown wealthy relatives leave me a massive inheritance in that country.

Sinetech sells the TBB energier range. I don’t know how good they are, but at least there’s a non-Nigerian reseller. Victron’s biggest plus is the modularity, and the support - I doubt this would be an alternative on either of those fronts… Other than that it’s an alternative in the same sense that a Mecer is an alternative.


I don’t think it is a clone. Well, there are some shared ideas (like the hook on the wall), but this is the Victron MP2:

And this is the TBB.


Note the terminals are the other way round and there is a bunch of extra stuff on the Victron inverter.

It does appear to be an LF design too (screenshot from another YT video), but the power pack design is completely different. Nope… not a copy :slight_smile:


Seems that the OP is just trying to shill an inferior product. I don’t see how these could ever be compared to a Multiplus.

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Well to be fair, he’s been around long enough that “shill” does not come to mind for me. I think the inverter actually looks kinda decent. I wonder what the support and warranty is like though.

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I think that you all noticed the word “clone” in quotation, so it was initially assumed that this is not the same as Victron MP II, despite there are some similarities though (mostly in phy aspect as well as the big toroidal transformer and the LF design).

I have never had an intention to sell, shill or anything like that in this forum, and a short search on my forum activity will prove I am totally away from this. If I have done something against the rules (despite I have not listed anything like pricing, etc), please excuse me and let me know what is wrong, so I can correct myself.

@plonkster , thank you again for your always helpful and informative input. This was the main purpose of the discussion - to find the pros and cons and eventual potential of something that is unknown for most of us

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Joule Energy Solutions is the importer and distributor of the TBB Power range in South Africa. They have offices in Cape Town , Johannesburg, Durban, Gqeberha and Bloemfontein. The back-up is handled by technicians at the CT. JHB and Durban branches. Performance is excellent and have taken a fair amount of the “Transformer -Based” inverter market. The products are ideal for running loads like pumps/ compressors and motors. as with any system, sizing and checking your specifications are important.