Tasmota (for the love of God!)

Hello guys,
so after flashing around 20 sonoff basics and two sonoff sv (self inching relays) beginning of last year, I now bought two move sv’s with some ideas I would like to use them for.

They work fine in ewelink, but I can not flash them with tasmota. I am not sure if its my pl2303 adapter (though I tested it but echoing messages) or whatever else is the problem. Have spent around 6 hours trying :frowning: :weary:

Is there anyone that can help me flash these please :slight_smile:
I stay in Randburg and would: invite for beers and chat or come over with beers, which ever works :slight_smile:

Please help :pray:

Here is the pic of the devil (I have two, they are identical)

I see a USB socket. That doesn’t look at all like the Sonoff SVs I’ve flashed in the past.

Looking for PSF-B01 brings up this. Googling down that rabbit hole tells me you need a special procedure to put it into flashing mode, and then you need to connect directly to the UART pins on the chip, either thin wires and a small soldering iron, or a steady hand to hold the TX/RX pins onto the chip while flashing.

You are 100% correct.
I used the do it with a steady hand and it worked well every time I did it :slight_smile:

3rd and 4th pin from the side is the TX and RX
Never connected Vc and Gnd as i powered it via the USB port.

The port is an USB-B Micro (many older android phones use it).

I am not sure if I’m putting it in flashing mode or if my Pl2303 is bust…I am just lost :disappointed:

I know you’ve already spent the money but If it doesn’t have to be a Sonoff SV and you’re prepared to write the two off to school fees, could you not rather use NodeMCU’s with external 5V relay and ESPHome?

I still have some Sonoff’s with Tasmota but generally any new project I do I go the NodeMCU route, there are infinitely more configuration options and generally a lot cheaper.

I’m not sure about the cheaper bit. The last Sonoff mini’s I bought for R75 each and you can not get an NodeMCU at that price, not to mention a 220V psu and relay with it. But I guess for the more expensive models this will make more sense.

I also had trouble the last time I wanted to flash Tasmoto on my Sonoff POW2, but I did not have the time yet to relook at them. My plan was to flash them with the demo program in the Arduino Ide, and then try again. Or just go to ESPHome.

Yeah I guess it depends on what you’re using it for, I usually have quite a few sensors connected up to the NodeMCU’s so for most of my applications its cheaper, the sensors are so cheap it kind of makes sense to make most of the NodeMCU’s multipurpose devices.

R75 is a very good price for a Sonoff Mini they’re usually double that, where did you get them from at that price?


That was at Banggood but I see they are currently out of stock.
They have pack of multiple devices which is then much cheaper. I got a 5pack of the miniR2.

PS. This 4 relay ESP8266 is also in intresting board that I ordered that time, but have not yet implemented it.