Tasmota-based devices losing their settings

This is something that’s been causing me some trouble, and I wanted to post something about resolving it.

So every now and then a Sonoff – usually one that is not on the backup power side – will randomly lose some of its settings. I eventually figured out that this is a feature in Tasmota, for devices that lack a physical reset button. In cases where you have a button, holding that button for 40 seconds resets the device. But without that button, such devices are hard to recover should they lose their WiFi connection (eg the password was changed, etc).

So Tasmota has this feature that in a bootloop, it will disable something on every try until the device ends up back in default, starting with the GPIO configuration and ending with a full reset to “Sonoff basic”. It also has a feature where cycling the power 7 times in a row does the equivalent of a reset 1.

This can cause rather irritating problems, for example if the Eskom power does that dip-twice thing after load-shedding (which can be enough to trash the GPIO config of a device).

So I learned yesterday to do this on devices that have buttons:

setoption36 10
setoption65 1

That causes the bootloop feature to only activate after 10 failures to boot, and it disables the 7-cycle recovery feature.

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@ebendl help me with a similar problem long ago, had the same issue after repeated power failures.

That helps me a lot with my temp sensor sonoff… Thanks Izak @plonkster

Had the same issue with one of my Astutes that are on non essential circuit. As a rule I disable this feature same way on all my devices.

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