Tamper code

My Prepaid meter keeps giving a temper code signal. Was resolved by Tec’s yesterday again today same thing
Can anyone assist why this is happening
Who do I contact
Mine is l hexing meter

If it is a Landis Gyr meter, informal consensus seems to be that the meters have some longevity issues that are exacerbated by load shedding. See other thread here:

I have the same problem and its also a hexing meter, two weeks now in now. Whever its loadshedding ends its shows a temper code signal while its shows electricity units in and outside the house. Can we share this temper codes please, cause here in Tshwane/pretoria this people are on strike and come when they like and im tired of paying them every week. please help so my family can have warm meals and be like other children.

mine is a Hexing meter showing temper code. its was fine the whole two years two but now its giving problems every week. Can our in this platform please share this temper codes cause we can pay every time to city workers to come rob us during the day. I pay for rates and electricity, than still have to give them cooldrink money just to do their job.

The tamper codes are specific to your meter. It is a special token that only works on that meter, and has to be “vended” based on the serial number of the meter. Unfortunately, only your supplier can help you.

You shouldn’t have to pay your supplier (City of Tshwane?) to fix their meter. The long term solution is to request that they replace the meter. It is in their interest too: They want to sell you electricity, right?

I have heard (not verified) that “tamper faults” can arise if you export power into the grid. My understanding is that is what the Victron GX setting “Settings>ESS>Grid setpoint” is for. It allows you to establish a sort of trickle feed bias from the grid into your inverter. Apparently when your panels are pushing hard and the energy is being fed into your loads, if a large load falls away, there is a sort of “overshoot” effect whereby some energy is pushed into the grid and this can cause “tamper faults” in certain meters. Having the 50 bias helps to reduce this.

Sorry - 50W bias.

Not apparently, it happens all the time. Can be a few KW’s sent back, like whilst the inverter (all of them) throttles back.

And yes, some meters, i.e. Conlog for example, can go into a fault mode/error mode. It can be set to not be that sensi, but people are not getting their Munics to action it.

Grid-tied and feeding back when big loads turn off is par for the course, the feeding back.

What I was trying to ask in my previous post is :-
Can anyone state for sure that these “tamper faults” are actually caused by the inverter exporting energy. This is something I have heard about but not experienced.
If so, it should be possible to configure the system to NOT export any power (at least for SunSynk and Victron). I have tried to configure zero export with both of these, but never been 100% certain that I have done it right. It would be useful to have feedback from someone else.

It depends on the meter manufacturer and age.

The Landis Gyr can trip on tamper with back feed into the grid but it is extremely unlikely. It uses an integral of the power fed back and the amount it trips on is very high. If you are not constantly exporting kws I dont think you will trip it.

The conlog meters used to be more sensitive and you had to get a code to lower the sensitivity (or turn it off - not sure which one). They easily tripped on tamper detection with feed back into the grid. The newer conlog meter I had installed in my home earlier this year already comes from the factory configured correctly to accept some grid feedback without tripping tamper conditions.

My old Landis Gyr started tripping on tamper detection when the power came back on after load shedding and then it started tripping on tamper detection all the time. It was due to ants getting into the outside unit - they dont have a good IP rating so insects/moisture might get into them.

My advise - if you are getting tamper detection trips on your prepaid unit - try to get it replaced. Though I know in most current municipalities it is a big ask.

First, we need to be clear about what we mean by “tamper mode”. In tamper mode, the meter switches off, shows an error code, and you have no power. You did something criminal as far as the meter is concerned, and your supplier will (after the appropriate amount of chastisement or money) give you a token to reconnect the power.

Landis GYR meters go into tamper mode when you feed back energy, but it needs a fairly large amount to activate.

Conlog meters disconnect your power, but they don’t go into tamper mode. They reconnect in 30 seconds or something like that.

It is not impossible to accidentally trigger a Landis GYR meter. But normally it doesn’t just happen with an ESS system.

There have been some reports of Landis meters going into tamper mode just because Load Shedding etc.

Re Conlog, a token vended by your supplier (or Conlog themselves) can turn off the reverse energy feature and it will no longer switch off.

To summarise then: Landis GYR is the only meter I know of that actually goes into a proper tamper mode that needs supplier intervention to restore. Conlog is all irritating about it, but recovers on its own.

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Oh yes thats right the conlogs only turn themselves off with backfeed. They dont go into tamper detection mode.

Thanks for the correction

The code you get from conlog makes this turning off behaviour better (and the new ones ship with this from the factory now). My electrician told me it increases the amount of time the meter can have backfeed before turning off.