Switching power from Quatro when specific conditions are met?

I want to be able to power a pool heat pump from Solar on a grid tied setup. Is there anyway to setup a Quatro/ Cerbo GX/ Solar configuration to switch a supply to a Pool Heat pump and to only energize the pump when the following criteria is met. Batteries are full, load on invertor is less than a specified amount, say 2000 W and the Solar Capacity is available to power the pump.

I think it would require a sensor that can predict solar output based on the suns intensity.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

Not in its standard form, however with NodeRed on Venus Large anything is possible. I know @TheTerribleTriplet played around with switching loads based on solar production and battery state before, he will be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks, I am new on this platform. How do I get hold of @TheTerribleTriplet

You ask for him … like you did. :rofl:

What would you like to know about NodeRED on Venus OS Large and controlling ones inverter?

I have this to control the inverter max wattage to match the panels to cater for rainy days to not drain the batts to 20% and then they stay there.

Bottom left, 1450w, the inverter setting right now because the panel’s max watts are 1466w at the moment.

Then I have this to spread the batt usages over 24h by increasing the SOC during the day so I can use batts at night, LS is only “worried” about IF there is bad weather the next morning too.

Both the above are because of Cpt weather. With a huge Thank You! to @Paul who wrote it all, and adapted it for me to use on Venus OS Large.

Here are the two flows: NodeRED Settings.zip (6.8 KB)

Need NodeRED OS Large to run it easily.

Start looking at what we did there, then see if you can adapt it for your needs.

One day I will get to switching geysers on/off based on solar parameters. One geyser is already on a Shelly with a temp sensor, just need to figure the parameters out when to switch on/off.

Ps. I try and keep it as basic as possible, so that in my absence anyone here can take it over.

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