Sunsynk Pylontech JASolar

Added 8 x JA Solar panels to my Sunsynk Pylontech UPS.

Happiness with the pv panels added by Jaco. He guaranteed 19Kw on a sunny day.

But so far been hitting averages of over 20Kw up to 25Kw a day.

Very happy.

Only my geysers and oven on non-essential side.

You must have planned for the panels to be added later to this system??

Yes. Plan on at least another 10 panels (total pv = 9.8kw) and another 4 pylontech batteries to existing 2 (total storage 21kw BUT of course at 0.5c discharge only).

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Set a personal best generation of 26.4Kw with a few watts to go still.

Jaco guaranteed 19kw. So way above today!

Where is all that power going? (or shouldn’t I ask?? :thinking: )

That’s not really so much to use in a day. Multiple geysers, some high draw IT equipment and you have demand. My best was 70+ kWh for the day and I dont have one of those spinning meters :grinning:

It’s always good to exceed expectations.