Sunsynk Peak shaving

Has anyone used the Sunsynk Peak shaving for a purpose or to get any benefit.

Just completed install of the 5kw Sunsynk, with 4kw PV , setup to use load for Essential equipment, Aux for a 1kw Geyser element and the rest as non essential. I have older 180ah AGM batteries that I only use for Loadshedding backup, thus they remain mostly at 100%SOC.

The way I understand the Peak shaving is that you set a power setting (ie 5kw) as the maximum Power you might pull (not sure if from inverter or from utility) and then if you enable the peak shaving any power consumed above this value will then be draw from batteries (if it has capacity and above a set SOC). later the batteries can be recharged from solar or utility, if form solar you then have effective spread a high load over time and recovered this from solar.

Off topic, I know… but that must take ages to get a tank warm… :slight_smile:

Even 100 liters, at say 20°C, to 55°C, that’s a delta of 35. 100*35*1.16 ~= 4kWh. With a 1kW element that’s going to take 4 hours. If it is a 150 liter geyser and winter water temperatures, it can be as much as 7 hours. Probably fine as long as your significant other doesn’t mind waiting for hot water. Mine gets quite upset at any water-related malfunctions :slight_smile:

I had 2 150 geysers one for each of the bathrooms and one also feeding the kitchen.
They were quite close together, thus I connected them in series, the first is now a pre-warmer and the last now feeds both bathrooms and kitchen. The 1kw element is now in the pre-warmer geyser while the main geyser has a geyserwise to control the normal 3kw element. Thus any spare capacity will warm the pre-warming geyser, and this has time to get as little or as much spare capacity it can handle.
Yesterday it started just under 30deg and ended on 60 degrees.

I do have a Sonoff POW (with SSR relay) and Node Red, that monitors and switches off if the temperature goes above 75deg and controls the window in which the element will be switched on.


Aaah! Now that makes a lot more sense :slight_smile: