Suggestions: 12V (100ah or 200ah) Camping Box

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I am keen to move from 12V LA to Lithium and need suggestions on quality replacements with a good BMS. Thanks alot

I have no idea what BMS it has, nor do I have experience with any of the other brands, but my drop in replacement Blue Nova 108Ah has served me flawlessly for close to 3 years now.

No lithium charger profile required (from what I can see at least) and my normal C-tek D250S charges it beautifully.

Disclaimer: I only say that because I’m able to watch the cells and their values stay very close to each other. Vary anecdotal, I know.

Have a look at this Nenergy 110Ah: Other Batteries & Chargers - NENERGY LITHIUM 1.28KWH 12V 100AH for sale in Johannesburg (ID:591916687)
I assisted someone to buy one and It’s worked ok thus far providing power for a UPS.
The only issue is who supports them??

Sadly it doesn’t meet my spec’s or a camping box setup.

Very cheap which worries me immediately :wink:

What is the jury’s verdict??

with the sparse info could almost have titled this thread “suggestions: length of string” :wink:

12V 100Ah lithium, locally, seem to come in generally 2 flavours.

  • R7k-R9k types where someone imported a stack of batteries and long term support/quality control possibly question mark
  • R10K+ the folks with a longer local presence and also involvement in more than just pure import/reselling (FW, BN, Revov).

200Ah options more limited.

  • mostly R10K 2nd life cell based or “someone imported a stack” with little known about it.
  • R18k+ mostly BN/FW.

Claimed specs do not appear to have much variance with probably inclusion of Bluetooth/app monitoring being one and support (and limit on total number) for parallel/series connection. Some variance in charge/discharge rates (most should do around 50A but some will do 100A). ALL will have some type of BMS that should do the basics of over/under voltage, short circuit etc. protection.

Think there is only one 12V LiFePO4 battery that will be classified as in the “mobile” type classification/form factor that has proper inter-battery and wider system comms, and that is the Pylontech. In terms of features for price this seems a very attractive option. You possibly also pay for features that in a mobile box camping battery you might not benefit from - like CAN comms with a GX device, or inbuilt heater for below freezing charge/discharge. A case could possibly be made that the Pylontech is so well protected/tech enabled that it could leave a question mark on the “what if tech fails in the bush” kind of scenario - guess boils down to how remote you go and/or whether you believe tech devices know you left civilisation and decide the best time to act up is when you are furthest from help.

One thing of the Bluenovas that I assume is included in the bigger (i.e. bigger than 7/11Ah) MPS series batteries that might be relevant for a camping type battery is the compound added to keep the cells from moving around. If doing corrugated/bumpy roads this should be of benefit to reduce stress on solder joints etc.). Most “traditional 12V form factor/drop-in” LiFePO4 batteries have empty space in the battery case and some variant of high density foam/padding/capton tape/glue used to keep the cells in place. The BN approach appears superior to me.

Not all 100Ah 12V batteries stick to the familiar vehicle type size. The Hubble S100/s120 and numerous similar batteries are especially longer and will therefore not fit in a standard/pre-made 100Ah sized box. Don’t think there are any pre-made boxes that will fit any of the 200Ah batteries.

Choose your string :slightly_smiling_face::

Possible box. At least appears to have basic fusing and things like covered bolt/nuts on connections. Should be able to adapt it a bit if for instance wanting Hella rather than cigarette sockets. R3K (have not purchased from them but appears above board. The box is a white label product sold under many names).
Similar box but with DC-DC/MPPT included. R7K (many other boxes like National Luna also from this supplier). (Purchased from them quite some time ago and received all products).

Pylontech 12V 100Ah. R11K (have not purchased from them but appears above board)

The Revovs at geewiz seem fairly well priced. (purchased from them multiple times)
100Ah 1st life based R7600
200Ah 2nd life based with bluetooth. R11200
Mecer 200Ah. R10200

If the battery is only going to be used a couple of times a year, then 2nd life based batteries are probably worthwhile to keep budget down (1000+ or so cycles should make a fair number of trips). Other than a completely dead battery I doubt even on brand new batteries from BN/FW/Pylontech you will benefit from the warranty since for most camping setups almost no one will do a capacity check after delivery and constantly monitor this before the max 3-year warranty period expires.


:slight_smile: Thanks @Village_Idiot - Very comprehensive and appreciate the time (sorry string).

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There is a case to be made, one catering for all the Village_Idiot said ito case and vibration proof (consider flexible busbars), and go DIY.

Get 4 cells of the AH required and slap on a BMS that has BT and RS485 ports, cells connected using said flexible busbars, required padding and all that, and away you go.

I’ve done that but the abuse it takes causes to much flex etc. Wiring becomes an issue when you want extra’s and I had a BMV installed as well. Rather just a BT enabled Bluenova but they cost!

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if set on BN. Very unlikely to get lower prices than this, unless finding a slightly used one.

BT version
R11 150 delivered
~R11 300 delivered

~R10 000 delivered

For the money I think I would seriously compare to the pylontech. Again I am not affiliated to/endorsing anyone so do your homework. Detailed vid overview of the pylontech.