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Hi guys,

Looking at installing aircon on our small 3kva system (max hybrid size) as we have considerable spare solar on a sunny day, will need at least 24000BTU inverter type (area 40 - 44m^2 excl. furniture/kitchen cupboards real direct sun)

Still getting quotes, any suggestions for 1) Brand/model 2) COP heating/cooling 3) IoT wifi AC or just get a broadlink for HA control 4) Extended warranty??? 5) Anything else

Currently I have quotes for a
York non Wi-Fi R20k, 2kW (Min 910W Max 3070W)

Jet-Air J-Smat Wi-Fi R21k

When it comes to AC’s buy Japanese.
In retrospect, I should have gone with the in-ceiling ducted. So much better than a big wall wart, quieter too.
All the fancy features, of monitoring room activity, body temp whatever, you will never use. HA will just go 24C heat and you forget about it.
Daiken is worth the extra money.

York is not a bad brand. Although it is American (part of Johnson Controls) :slight_smile:

Chat to Jaco, as he installed a small 12000 BTU split unit for me, also allowing me to use “excess solar” once my batteries were charged up in the morning.

A lot depends on the support in your area, some people think Samsung for example is Amazing where someone in another area / city think Samsung is the biggest piece of junk, but that’s because of quality of installation in the first place, then willingness of installer to fix / source parts etc. So also try to get recommendations on installer and brand from people in your direct area.

Some also say to rather get 2 smaller ones in a bigger area then you can only switch 1 on if needed, so 2x 12000 BTU in your case.

In terms of electricity consumption it also helps to run the thing at 24, 25 degrees threw the whole day just to keep the room comfortable, rather than trying to slam it down to 12 degrees for example

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My experience and “do it differently” advice.

  1. Inverter Aircon
  2. Good brand (Samsung)
  3. Dual Split for multiple rooms if you can afford!
  4. Go bigger than you think you need.

My 2c

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Thanks for the suggestions, the York model doesn’t look bad.

I see the suppler says for warranty to hold you need to bi-yearly have an inspection/cleaning is this usual?

My Samsung dealer wanted R350 for the inspection/cleaning, all the did was, washing out the filter and vacuuming the accumulated dust, less than an hour and he was a little over R1000 richer ( 3 aircons )
Would like to know if it is a manufacturer condition

A service involves checking gas pressures, topping up if required, and washing the filter. I know that aircons need to be inspected at least annually. Though I will also admit that I don’t do it. I wash the filter myself, and that is that. In the last almost two decades, I’ve never had an AC that needed to be topped up.

The only ACs that needed that kind of attention was 1) my 1986 VW Jetta, and 2) my Wife’s Toyota Tazz, which had an after-market installed AC, where they left out one of the sealing rings. After having these serviced properly, it was also never required again.

So far, that is also all that we had to do. Not cleaning it makes performance tank. After clearing, purrs like brand new!

Ended up on getting a York inverter type 24000btu, extremely happy with it, as the 3kva inverter carries it rather easily.

This is a typical ~4 hours run generally never pulling more than 1600W (can pull like 2600W for short time initially sometimes)

What I really like is that it ramps up so slowly takes just over a minute



Jaco installed a 24k BTU Samsung Inverter earlier this year, I’m always amazed at how little power this thing can use.

I don’t know if you run Home Assistant (or where you get your stats) but in my case it pairs nicely with

And all of this give you remote control over your aircon from Home Assistant:

Nothing as awesome as switching it on remotely on a hot day, or setting up automations to start it automatically when batteries are charged (although I haven’t done that yet).


I would like to get in on this discussion also. Last year I suffered through lockdown working from home and this year I thought of easing the sauna temperature a bit with an aircon in my home office. I am thinking of a split system, 12000BTU. My requirement is simple:

  1. Must be VERY quiet and if acceptable will perhaps double-up in bedroom also.
  2. Include some method to be able to use node-red HA to manage it (waiting on future Venus OS Large, probably 2.8x release before I convert my Venus to see what is possible)

@ebendl What model Samsung did you eventually install? Have you looked at the LG Artcool also? I like their Sleep-Mode 19db option.


If quiet is what you want, get a Daiken.

Sadly my AC does not support “SmartIR” which sucks cause using a climate control would be muuuch easier.
The reason I want a control is that I can only invert 2.4kW so when the load is above 3000W and the AC is on then change temp of AC (i.e cooling from 21 to 26 (effectively dropping power level down)) or turn off till power is below the 500W.

I do this with the geyser, if its on and the house power exceeds a certain value turn it off till the power is below a certain level

Ok, I whipped out the 'ol sound meter and measured the ambient noise. Looks like all the big brand guys in the 32’ish db area will be fine so won’t need the Ultra Quiet stuff. The ‘Smart’ control via WiFi and good reputation/service is then my biggest drivers.

Hirschs has this:

It’s not all about the db. Pitch, tone and vibration are all part of the experience. I know this from my Bosch fridge which never exceeds the db level advertised but it sounds annoying AF as it’s constantly gurgling.

Fairly entry level inverter aircon - no silent or windless or sleep modes. This one: AR4500 with Digital Inverter, New Max AC, 24,000 BTU/h | Samsung Support South Africa

It is fairly wind-noisy but I only notice it when I switch it off - otherwise it is background type noise. Doesn’t bother me one bit when running in my lounge.

Does it not have an IR remote (infrared)? My Samsung wasn’t supported either – I trained every combination of IR command myself (what a fun evening that was).

On this topic. I know there’s a bunch of Wifi enabled aircons… which I wouldn’t trust at all. Simply because I don’t know of any that has a reliable API that is guaranteed to stay as is and locally accessible. They are also EASILY a couple of R1000 more expensive.

That’s why I went the IR route with SmartIR and a Broadlink Mini, a power measurement device (to see if it is currently on/off, which makes turning it on/off from HA much more reliable - I use a CBI Astute) and a local temperature sensor (a Zigbee temperature and humidity one in my case). There’s almost zero chance that this will stop working (biggest risk is that the Broadlink Mini stops playing ball with Home Assistant).

The only painful part is training the IR commands yourself - you basically have to train every permutation of fan speed, mode (cooling/heating/fan only etc.), temperature and if you’re interested, swing/air direction (I didn’t bother with the latter). Most aircon remotes basically send through a whole string of commands every time you press a button - which actually makes it more reliable to control from something like HA.