Strobe/siren/alarm on gate opening devo5 centurion - SOLVED!

hi guys, i have one of these, see image pse, and would like to know how i can attach a strobe/alarm which will notify me when the gate opens - obviously if the power is cut off and the gate is being opened manually it might not work and i will have to look at something more simplistic like a mechanically triggered old time bell [klok] which might alert me of the thing being opened :slight_smile:

The terminals at the top for the light should activate when gate is opened and then switch off after a set time. Sure you could use that for your strobe/alarm

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Hi Gabriel

Could you explain what the use case is that you would like to use this for?
Connecting to an alarm, you could use something like this.

If you would just like a visual indication of the gate’s state, the controller has a status output designed to turn on an LED, which provides information for close,open and closing/opening if I Recall.

More basic than that you can trigger a relay with a wide contact magnetic switch mounted to the gate, similar to what the gate alarm above requires.

But without knowing your use case we are going to only guess what your required result is.

You should be able to use the light port. Check your manual, but it should activate when the gate opens/close and maybe keep on for a bit of time afterwards.

Search for “courtesy light” in

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tx @Louisvdw & @C.Potgieter & @Whatyamacallit i’ll look at those options. re the use… the gate is about 20m from my bedroom and the gate, being constructed of inter alia sheet metal - img - when moving sounds like either faraway thunder or the wind wanting to rip off my ibr roof sheeting; now when i’m in the house [most of the time] or sleeping and i hear that sound i wonder who the heck is opening the gate, especially if my wife is also at home. if i have a beeper/bell/strobe or siren i would at least be able to know what is the source of the sound - at present it is guesswork and i hate conjecture, be it my own or whoever’s :joy:

and here is the response from centurion themselves:


Right. So they use the auxiliary output to switch a relay, and then program the controller to mirror the gate state on the aux output (XIO). Clever.

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