Stolen inverter/battery probably

From one of my potential clients

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Not sure. They look legit, and the price is not excessively low? What makes you think it is stolen?

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maybe I am wrong, by the time I get all said and done, not worth doing it

I am mindful of not unwittingly becoming part of cancel culture but each person must make up their own minds.

The company name in that advert appears possibly linked to people/addresses for companies that operate more in the “take money and not deliver” category as opposed to selling questionable goods category.

This may just be bad business (e.g. promising stock without firm supply) but the very sparse contact information, company registration info etc. will make me nervous without multiple, trusted references to vouch for them.

There seems to be some very unhappy ex-“customers” (?) around.

screenshot link
unhappy link2
unhappy link3

EDIT: cropped the screenshot to remove the “scam” headline until more info comes up

Same. They can also claim defamation if it turns out you’re wrong.

Hmmm. Could be a scam, but does not have the typical hallmarks. They are a Hello Peter verified business (but no reviews). They take credit card payments (which are relatively easy to cancel). Prices are cheap, but not lower than market value.

So if they really are a scam, they are one of the better constructed ones.

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IMO hellopeter has lost its edge as a very useful “consumer diligence tool”.

Agreed but how many people (excluding system architects / politicians :wink: ) are going to put R100K+ on a credit card as opposed to EFT?

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EFT to your credit card and pay with that. The insurance is worth it…

Also, many debit cards are actually mastercard/visa credit cards because of the advantages for the bank…

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I have done that (not 100K though) but I wonder if the amount above your credit card limit will be covered since that part of the amount will not be actual credit in terms of a credit agreement?

Also, while having the possible cover that you will be made “whole” again is good, the time and inconvenience cost if not having an extra R100K around while waiting for a refund also is a factor.

Rather a smaal inconvenience me thinks, compared to loosing 100k… But that is just me :man_shrugging:t3: :no_mouth:


the benefit/risk of card payment vs EFT is not the issue - while I am uncertain how whole you will be made again with a card payment above the credit card limit.

A marginal potential saving from an unknown/possibly suspect source may not be worth the risk or inconvenience… but that is just me. I have no idea at what point marginal will turn to substantial saving though - FOMO serves legitimate business and scammers equally.

True, but I think the rules are different and those cards sometimes refuse to work because they are not “real” credit cards. Which is actually incredibly frustrating. Try buying a plane ticket on KLM with a card that is really a debit card, for example. And let me not start ranting and raving about the places in Europe that don’t take Master OR Visa (only Maestro). I’m looking at you Albert Heijn… :slight_smile: