Stacking of Pylontech batteries

HI everyone, Need advice please.
I want to add 2x US2000b Plus Pylontech batteries to my existing 3. However I do not have enough space to stack them on top of each other. I assume I can put the other 2 in a separate stack next to my current stack.

  1. Can I use the 2m cables to connect the one stack with the 2nd stack?
  2. Where can I find these cables as I could only find the 2m cables that connect the inverter to the battery pack? The inverter connection is different to the battery connection.
  3. Can I use any Cat e5 link cable to connect the 2 stacks or is there a specific one for the US2000b Plus?

You can, what we do in a case like that, is to cut the lyg off on the one side, then cut the end off a bridge piece and crimp it to the 2 meter cable. That way you would have the correct connector on both sides. Remember that the positive of the cables going to the inverter must run from the battery on one end and the negative from the battery on the other end.

Yes a normal Straight through Lan cable will work fine.

Always remember to make the new batteries the master. The coms cable from the inverter must go to the new battery and then you have to link Port 1 from master to Port 0 of first slave and then follow that pattern till all the batteries are connected.