SSEG - Cape Town new rates 2022

Looks like CoCT has made some positive changes.

No more SSEG fee, but this has been replaced by a remote monitoring fee R140/pm.
You still need to buy the R10k bidirectional meter.

Probably still not worth it unless you have a special use case.

Good article here - SSEG Pricing in 2022 – Has Cape Town seen the light? | Going Solar

Also remember that they introduced the connection fee to the Home tariff (where they are migrating all their old domestic-tariff users), which is around R200 a month (194.29 at the moment), plus the R140, so this comes down to a R80-R90 (ish) reduction.

At least, I am glad to see they are staying the course. The whole point of reintroducing a service charge (in the home tariff) was fairness: That everyone paid the cost of maintaining the network/connection separately of their actual (and often dwindling) energy use. In time it would remove the disproportionate cost from those who want to feed in, and it seems at least they are still moving in that general direction.

It would be nice if they bumped up with size limits on solar installs while grid tied. 3.5kva on a 60A isn’t much if lets say you had an electrical car.

As far as I know, they did change this. You can make the array much larger now, as long as you limit your feed-in. @JacoDeJongh knows the details, I have not bothered to check since I am below the (old) limit.


Surely there is an case to be made for your employer to ship you some 10kVA Multiplus units to test in the SA environment? Perhaps you also need someone to help with test who lives in the Northern Suburbs?

Who are the decision makers here?
I got hold of the RE contact person at CoCT and asked about the proposed changes.
He said he doesn’t know and waits for the MMWC to issue the new regulations…