Spruce up your faded aluminium/plastic/rubber

just bought some silicone paste/grease [not spray!], took a piece of cloth and started rubbing up faded outdoor aluminium/aluminum door and window frames and sommer car window wipers and other plastic and rubber, what a difference - am busy adding tens of thousands to my home value :rofl: - at about R340 per 500gm best investment i have made in years - remember a little goes a long way
elbow-greaseGroetnis :laughing:

Do you want to drop the product’s name? I’d like to give it a try too!



1st off, a blessed 2024 to all you folks! :slightly_smiling_face:
now for a bit of good news
as reported earlier i got some silicone paste/grease.
now i clean my vehicles with the help of a kaercher water pressure washer - ok ok ok, i dont come to close to protect paint etc BUT on my bakkie i used to clean the rubber lining with it as well, works like a bomb [tick, tick, tick BOOM] ahaa, so the ‘boom’ was the deterioration of the rubber - how to restore it without getting a second coat for megabucks?
my solution, seeing i had silicone at hand [boyh spray and paste], use it!
BUT spraying silicone is quite expensive.
so i mixed the grease with mineral turps [NOT ACETONE, THINNERS ETC] at about 1:10 [kitchen mixer… :see_no_evil:], used a brush and voila, see the results… i also sommer did the tyre walls.
now here is a 30 minute holiday job for us lazy guys :nerd_face:
the before and after is obvious…

Thanks @gabriel for the tip
Please keep up posted and take photos once a week, if possible.
It would be good to see how long this lasts while being exposed to the elements.

Have the meatballs had any sort of unusual flavour?

i decided to test the mixture of silicone paste and mineral turps on our garage door after spray-cleaning it. i applied with a brush and after the evaporation used an old cloth to wipe it off resulting in a slight gloss… another 30 minute job deserving a cup of tea :yum:

Certainly applying silicone means that it will be nearly impossible to spray again in the future.

no no no! thats just the beauty of it, you can spray clean it with water - the secret is just not to overdo it, i.e. apply too much water pressure.
i have a kaercher 4 and if i want i can spray off paint from most surfaces, clean rust, grease, remove weeds between pavers and even spray off stuck cement from tools - the water will tear of my skin and flesh if would hold my hand nearer then about 15cm from the one nozzle - its real bad - water is also used to cut metal and glass etc - no @calypso , just enough will not harm it; akin to me having some desert wine after dinner - too much will surely kill me :crazy_face: