Speaking up about a product / Service

What is the policy about talking up about a product or service given? I was a member else where and got banned for quoting a link to a product and asking opinion. You are not allowed to highlight products not sold on the Forum. But the daggers were out because I criticized the very poor service I got on a 65K battery purchase. I have a feeling the Forum Moderator was a owner of that product sold and the daggers were out.I never did anything that many many many other posts had not done. I had only been there a few weeks so it was a surprise that it would have been better to correct me than Ban me. It was considered that I was spamming users…


Please feel free to tell us about these, it’s good to know about such products/service


I had a similar experience on the same forum (well presumably) - I recommended an installer (who is one of the progenitors of this forum) purely as someone asked for references. At that point I realised that the particular forum in question stopped being a community of people sharing a common interest and started being a business.

Luckily at that point @JacoDeJongh and @plonkster started this forum with the idea that it is removed from any business goals and just a place to learn, share experiences and have access to Izak’s brain. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, I am sure you can feel comfortable here providing your experiences with products or give references. I think one always need to be careful to badmouth a company as it might be subjective and you could cause reputational damage etc. but fair criticism or praise is immensely useful to newbies embarking on a similar journey. We all know how daunting it can be as these products aren’t cheap and very much specialised and (well at least to me with no background in volts and amps) can lead to costly mistakes.