Sorry looking plastic bag

During my weekly browsing through local metal recyclers, I spotted a sorry looking plastic package lying on the floor. Being eternally curious, I picked it up and saw a bunch of largish I C’s inside.

Asked for pricing and because I am a regular, was told “its too small to weigh, so take it”

Turns out someone got rid of quite a nice bunch of audio power amplifiers.

Bunch of Hitachi HA1389R’s, some Toshiba TA7222AP, TA7259’s, some BA5406’s and even a few Sanyo LA4160 Single-chip tape recorder audio chips.

Most are in the 5 to 7 watt range, so all proper old school amps.

Will use the basic audio amp schematic from Circuits DIY and help my grandson start his first homebuild project. I have an extra Magnum soldering station, that I can pass on to him.

Hopefully this will lead to him becoming interested in electronics, but even if it does not, still a nice find :+1: