Solo unassisted Atlantic crossing

My friend Richard Kohler is paddling unassisted from Cape Town, to Salvador in Brazil. He left Cape Town on 18 December 2022, and is now within reach of his destination. He has about 15 days left.

See: Home Page - Richard Kohler

He’s running an interesting setup on board, with some flexible panels and Victron equipment - which I have been monitoring remotely via satellite data for his trip. If you’re curious I can write about it a bit more?

Also - he’s doing this for a charity, so if you’re keen to find out: Richard Kohler is raising money for Operation Smile South Africa | GivenGain


Very! And photo’s please!

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The boat he is paddling is a custom built carbon fibre super sized surfski that he designed. It has a small living area in the front of the boat - large enough to lie down in, and make some food. When Richard is paddling he sits just behind the cockpit.

In terms of power equipment he has:

  • 2x 75 watt flexible Solbian panels on the starboard side on the front
  • 2x 160 watt flexible Solbian panels on the rear of the boat
  • 2x Victron Smartsolar 100/20 MPPT
  • Victron 500A smart shunt
  • 2x Victron LiFePO4 12.8/100 batteries
  • Venus GX for managing all of the above


Richard actually wrote a nice blog about the power bits on his boat for today: Day 50: Power house - Richard Kohler

I think you’ll all find it quite interesting - and there are more pictures haha.

Do you have his VRM site address :wink:


Ok, I got permission to share it: VRM Portal - Victron Energy

Guess which one is his installation :stuck_out_tongue:

More info about Richard, if you’re curious: Richard Kohler | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree


Brilliant Albert!! Thanks

This is Richard’s second attempt - his first attempt in December 2021 was cut short because an MC4 connector that was in a difficult place corroded because it was lying in seawater… He then had to abort about 500km west of Lüderitz, and paddle across the south easternly winds to Walvis Bay. That was a very tense time!

The boat was then put in storage for a year, before the current attempt. When we started everything up again the Venus GX was very unhappy - so I’ll do a post about that, and how I fixed it.

He’s getting close:

Traffic that we need to dodge to Salvador:

Heavy Traffic that. Gives one some insight.
Pretty incredible feat.