SOLD - For sale: Victron BMV 700 with VE.Direct to USB cable

I have a Victron BMV 700 available for sale @ R1750.00

Comes in two cases and with an VE.Direct to USB cable.

Pickup in Centurion, or courier at your cost.

Price drop to R1500.00.

@Deon_in_ZA - I’ll take this. I cant for the life of me figure out how to PM. Can you PM me and we can pick it up from there.


Just click on a user’s name and then the Message button :grin:

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Thanks. Its going to sound crazy, but i could swear that message button wasnt there last night when i checked. Im likely an idiot though and completely glossed over it.

@Deon_in_ZA - PM sent.

The ability to PM shows up after you’ve attained the level of “basic user”. The forum starts everyone out as “new users”, to prevent someone from joining and just immediately sending PMs to everyone (aka spam).

So by hanging around enough, you graduated to “basic user” and the button showed up.

Sold to @Joeyhza

Man, sometimes timing can be so off… I left for Cape Town just after the price drop message and only saw Joey’s message after I landed. Turns out Joey stays around two blocks from where I was headed, and the unit was still at home in Centurion :no_mouth:

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