Sold - 16 x 150ah 3.2v Lifepo4 2nd hand cells for Sale

Bought the 16 cells new on 17 March 2020.
Paid R 1 400 per cell.

They were never used outside their specs.
The lowest DOD was 20% and tried to keep them 95% fully charged.
Max 60a charge, as per specs from supplier

Looking for R 1 000 per cell,.

Hi TTT – did you end up building a camping system with them?

I might be interested.

Jip, they will go on the 12v 500va Multiplus OR 24v Multiplus… still deciding which one is better for camping.

Must just pull me finger and try the bar fridge on both.

With the 280ah cells becoming a reality, will let all 16 go for R10 000, as I know 2 cells are exciteable, but in a 12v/24v system keeping them away from 100% charged, they work fine.