SOLD - 12v 100ah 2nd Life Lifepo4 cells

2nd Life Lifepo4 12v 100ah banks x 3 for sale.

Cells are still in very good condition, as I ran 13 of them with 5 x 280ah as a 100ah bank, and they stayed in balance.

Comes with brackets and busbars.

2 left, either as 12v or 24v bank.

Ni-locks on a Lithium battery… how did I miss that? :joy:

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Jip, they came like that. Must say, I like that, works better than a nut and a washer.

Balancing wires connect here, short teeny screw, and a lekker washer for the lug of the balancing wire:


Someone was asking me about second life cells a few days ago, do you have any of these left?

I actually do have some 12v 100ah 2nd Life cells yes.

But no BMS. One will need to order one from JBD direct, can easily be flown in.

I will only need the cells (if the client gives the green light) I can easily get the BMS elsewhere. How much for the four cells please?

R500 per cell.

Titbit: Have to say this … if I may be straight.
The cells are not commercial re-sale as there is no warranty at all. More suited for us DIY’ers with our pet projects and all that, camping, small “grid-tied” UPS thingies (not that know of people doing that!), UPS cell replacement…

However, if the client understands that, maybe even a DIY’er themselves, then it is perfect.

Not a problem at all. This would be more of a backup system that wouldn’t be cycled daily and a guarantee would not be necessary.
I will get back to you within a few days which his decision.

Good day,
how many cells do you have available?
Im looking for 32650 cells, can you help?

Sorry, all sold.

No idea about where to get 32650 cells, sorry.

Thank you for the reply