Solarway suppliers

I saw an advert by Solar Way Suppliers for 655 pv panels below. Nobody else seems to stock it.

Has anybody bought from them?

From a thread on a forum it seems they a real business but google shows me a house as their place of business.

Been around a while…

$ whois | grep Creation
Creation Date: 2018-02-13T06:50:54Z

IP address:

$ getent hosts

And looking that up shows an allocation by Afrinic, which means it is hosted in South Africa.

Also… they’d have to be good to fake streetview, though that appears to be a vehicle from a different company :slight_smile:

Of course that doesn’t mean they are any good. I know “solar installers” in Centurion area who are absolutely rubbish…

My bet the “other” company is collecting kit sold by Solarway :wink:



I’ve bought twice from them - that picture is accurate.

Bought a battery a few months ago as well as some panels and mounting kits recently. (two weeks ago)

They’re really helpful , I had an issue with an item and they sorted it out asap. Their prices were some of the best I could find at the time.


Thank you for verification.

Just too many scam sites online.

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