Solar, two houses next to each other

A friend has two semi-detached houses next to each other. I.e. the two houses share a wall. They are thinking of upgrading both with solar/inverter but the one house is unlikely to need as much power as the other. I think both houses are on 3 phase. There is limited roof space.

The houses have separate power meters etc. I.e. they are on separate connections to the grid.

Would it be possible in theory for the one property two borrow extra “capacity” from the other property?

How would one approach this?

One question would be whether it is legal. Probably not… although if it is the same owner (no selling is going on), I am unsure what the legalities would be.

You have separate meters anyway, so there isn’t really anywhere to go with that.

As per Plonk.

Even pull a new wire from the one unit critical loads DB and connect it to the 2nd house Critical DB, at least one then has some control, seeing the two units are connected.

More importantly, if 2 meters, 2 accounts, who pays for the power if it is shared from the solar system?

Initially, it is fine then the draw creeps up, and then “the fight starts”.

Same owner, same payer of the accounts. Ideally the two systems could talk to each other and act as a combined resource but I think the second best is just to plug some of the “extra” panels on the second house into the one which needs more’s inverter? Is that simple? The latter will also work with say a tenant in the one house as the billing will still work correctly.

Yup. That’s by far the simplest I think.

I think the law says you are not allowed to supply power outside of your own property (give/sell/etc).

So legally a no go… very easy to do though.

Asking for permission, naaa. Apologize if you get caught. :slight_smile:

The tricky part. Solar can be put on a PAYG meter, or say bugger that, and just put the lights on solar for example. Freebie for the tenant if use wisely.

We rent out a part of the house, solar electricty is included with the understanding IF the understandings are met:

  1. Breaker trips due to overload, not my problem. I will leave it off.
  2. If I say slow down, switch stuff off, it shall be done … or I switch the breaker off. (when on battery)

Just did not have the “energy” to install a PAYG meter for dedicated circuits that were installed at selected points.

It makes the rental so much more attractive.

I’ve done that too. You get lights for free (because they are very low usage). Then I have ONE socket with backup. That socket has a Sonoff POW installed, programmed to switch off for 30 seconds above a certain load.