Solar Trade Sales - Opinion

My father in law sent me their details this morning.
Wanted my opinion.

Ive never heard of them, and pricing makes me feel its too good to be true.

Whois says that domain was registered less than 3 months ago:

Creation Date: 2021-12-02T17:09:06Z

First red flag. Look up IP address of website and whois that, belongs to Godaddy, so cheap virtual host. Not red flags in and of themselves (lots of small companies would do this), but also not a great trust generator.

No hits on the phone number, although it is one digit too long. Suggests possible VOIP number with routing, though 076 is traditionally Vodacom.

“Ware house” is misspelled.

Warehouse is apparently in Midrand/Germiston/Parktown/bedfordview. I’ve never been in Germiston (though my mother grew up there), but I have been in Midrand. It is not the same place. Same for the rest. Small company with a cheap webhost has 4 warehouses? I call BS…

Google streetview says the address is a big office park. There is no office number in the address (eg Block B, 2), which is unusual. Streetview suggests the entrance is in Arbroath road on the other side, at 2 Arbroath road. Why would you pretend to be on the backside of the building?

Now what you can do, is see if you can find management for that building, which seems to be a development company called Concor that has offices in the same building. You could call them and ask if they have a tenant by that name… :slight_smile: But even that would not be conclusive. Renting a broom closet in some shared space is something scammers do (eg, those MTI guys renting an office in Strand industrial area).

So yeah, I would give it a miss.

Here is a quick post to read : The Lithium battery fred - Page 2

They getting clever now, they operate from storage units now. Like Plonkster say, give it a BIG miss.

OK hang on. I misread that one. +27 68… it’s an “068” number. That’s Telkom mobile. No other hits on it (sometimes you get lucky and just googling the phone number hits stuff on gumtree).

They also have no social media presence.

Look at the truecaller for the 068 number:

No Chris, now I am hurt… he ask your opinion and you did not give him my number??? no way, ill just go cry in the corner for a while… :face_exhaling: :cry:

They even posted pictures with a watermark from another supplier/site… :laughing:

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Sometimes when I’m really bored, I like playing with scammers like these :yawning_face: :smiley:

I’ll post if they bite the bait :smiley:

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You should check with Glodina

She is waiting on a list of items he is looking at purchasing.

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Not a chance would I trust the site.

Really? 50% off ?
R14995 for a 6.5KWh Battery? Maybe if its a stolen one from a Vodacom tower…

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Sadly they never bite the bait…clever are scammers…shame they don’t use their intelligence for something productive and beneficial :roll_eyes:

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I used to live in Bedfordview. The streets do exist but someone needs to make a draai and see what they find…


(They were using the logo of a legit UK company of the same name but I informed the UK company and now this scam one has now changed their logo but not their name).