Solar roof tiles

Has anyone looked at solar tile options in SA, do we even have options, are there importers bringing something in?

Looking at US videos I know they are expensive compared to panels, but it might be worth looking in to if building a new house.
In my case we are house shopping and one of the places we are looking at will have to get a entire new roof.

I have wondered, why can one not make a plan and use normal panels instead of tiles/sheets, cleverly to keep the water out, if it is at all possible?

Normal tiles have an overhang, so the water from the tile above drops after that overhang and there is no chance of it flowing into a gap. If you create a frame around your PV panel’s frame to handle this overhang/overlap then it should be an option. Although I don’t think you will be able to walk on that roof :smiley:

A bit kek when you need to replace one and they no longer available.

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I was thinking about the walking, have walkways in between, so that one can easily clean the panels too.

Unless you find another one the exact same size, even with higher specs?

BUT, having had to, and currently are looking for more 350w panels, they’ve changed the specs. Bugger me … again! So it is a valid point to ponder on.

When PV size and shape stabilise you could look at that. It’s moving to fas now to keep up with tiles.

Specs will always change but I think sizes are going to stabilise pretty soon. They quickly becoming too big to be manageable. One thing I can promise is that they will never get wider than 2.34m (width of a 40 foot container). Actually looking at the sizes they must be getting close to max size.

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Walk ways in between also serving as gutters to aid with water run off.