Solar Production vs Lux

Ive recently used a number of BH1750’s to build some smart day night switches/lights and run other automations from them.

While looking into these projects I found this

Has anyone else ever compared solar production against lux measurements?

I run a few 1750’s but their lux has capped out at 54.6k, now testing another sensor(still prefer the 1750) that has over double its lux, cant remember out of my head but over 30k or 35k lux i can still pull over 2kw from my array, i want to use this to determine max i can generate at any given time(do some automation and forecasting) atm using blynk but busy moving over to node/influx/grafana
EDIT: the pic1,2,3
1 = crappy day
2 = perfect day ( i get a bit later sun in the morning, but it holds out longer)
3 = 3 months data view