Solar panel theft

No doubt that people will try to get away with what they can. It is not very common that people go into politics to diminish their own situation in preference to improve others. It takes a special person that has vision and leadership qualities to even start on such a voyage.

By the way I did not think that you were advocating for tax payers to be the only voters. I could just see that to address the issue you raised, about the taxes being taken from tax payers that don’t vote for the elected government and given to people to buy their vote, only tax payers should vote.

If you think about it one of the roles of government is to ensure a reasonable distribution of the countries resources to improve the overall situation for its citizens. Most who try to do this do use the tax from high earners in order subsides those that don’t earn enough.

This is starting to turn into a fireside with a rum or port type of discussion. Sorry I have gone off topic.

No problem! This topic is in the ‘weeds’ section. I don’t think this means it’s less relevant or whatever but we’ll discuss that in due course.
I’ve had a disagreement with our moderators about divulging personal details on this forum. Personally I’ve felt it would be great to know who other members are. I understand you live in the US. This makes a huge difference in the way we connect and it needs to be taken into consideration up front in our discussions.
I would like to be able to engage you on US affairs…

Not US, I am in Australia :australia:

Hi Richard, we have been through this so many times. I also like to know who the members are, but I can not force people to reveal any personal details that they are not comfortable with sharing. If you want to know more about a specific member, Please Pm and ask him.

Other forums started off with asking all the details that you are looking for, we did not, so it will be totally unfair to force any member at this stage to give us more info than we required at start-up.


AS co-moderator (the worst one), I would much much rather that people publish as little as possible information about themselves. Look, we do go to a small amount of trouble to keep data safe, but this is third-party software. Someone else wrote it. It hasn’t had a zero-day exploit yet (that we know of), but if it does, and the data gets out… I would much rather that it doesn’t affect you at all.

I don’t mind that people know my name, but I’m certainly not advertising it.