Solar panel replacement

On the evening of the 13th Nov 2023, my solar panels took a beating from the hails storm in sandton. Golf ball or tennis ball size pelted down for about 15 minutes.

I’m mar2020, I had installed
18 x LG 340w mono panels (6120w)
1 x Victron 150/100 mppt controller

The LG a panels were destroyed by the hail storm. The “glass” is shattered. They are are producing less watts in the day time.

Now, the challenge is to find equivalent panels for the victron mppt.

The insurance assessor has made an initial recommendation which I rejected because the panels were poly and. It mono. The next recommendation is JA solar 370watts poly ( less than the number I have because the mppt cannot handle 18 x 370watts)

Considering that I chose the best panels that I could afford , in 2020, and I pay a decent insurance premium on my home, I want to make sure that I am not getting an inferior product irt the LG panels.

Thoughts , suggestions , please , thanks

Are you replacing all of them?

Yes , all 18 must be replaced

I would negotiate to replace the whole array with the best their is on the market for the same price (the insurance covers replacement cost)

You replace the MPPT to match the new array (500w, etc) and sell the old one …
Yes: You may have the redo some racking and cabling but I think that is worth it.
You will get much better output and even increase it given the cost of panels and the MPPT deals going to the moment (see Sonop thread)

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