Solar Panel Promotion!

My sincerest apologies if I’m not allowed to post here. But I had to share.

Solar and Inverter Warehouse is running a huge special on 555W Jinko mono panels.

I just ordered and paid for mine.

Check it out.


They also have them in single units for the same price R2300

I bought a 475w from them about a month back and it was 3200. So that’s really cheap now.

Indeed! I wish I was able to buy more. Won’t see this again soon. Stock will run fast I believe once word gets out.

I wish I had more roof space or walls.

You think? There is still a downward trend on panel prices. Longi’s 30% price drop has not been felt completely by the market.

No sir, its felt. I am sitting with R18m worth of panels I cant sell. If you can buy now, do… something in the European market has caused prebooked stock sitting in warehouses to be dumped worldwide. If my panels landed as planned, i would not have one panel in stock, but being delayed on the waters leaves me with stock that is outpriced. there is no way on earth dropping the manufacturing and material cost of all know brands of PV panels with 50% in less than a month.

Buy while you can, this wont last long…

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Well then. That explains it. I wish I had money to buy an entire pallet!

Just said to the wife … geez, look at the panel prices now!!! We must get some!

She sits there … deep in thought … then that female’s thought process comes through strong …

What will it cost to put them up?
Where would you put them up?
Is the inverter big enough? (inverter/MPPT all one thing for them)

Hate it when she uses my own points against me. Bugger. :ok_man:

… I want my Solis idea dammit!

Yeah well, thats the thing. The panels are cheap, even more so when you consider the gov kickback. But once you have added labour, racking and the MPPT all of a sudden you are at R50k with no ROI.

Anyone who has missed out on this, Leroy Merlin has them at R2399 each
Jinko 555w