Solar Installation - Structural engineer

Hi All

Is a structural engineers sign off a requirement on Solar installation be it just PV panels or Solar geysers?

We live in a complex built early 80’s and many owners want to go the solar route. Considering you are installing on a roof which is common property should a structural engineer be a must?


Depends. As far as I know, if you install the PV modules 100mm to 150mm from the existing roof, at the same angle, no need to contact a structural engineer.

If you intend angling them (ie make little wind sails), then you need an engineer to sign off on it. It is not just the downwards weight that is concerned (which applies more to solar geysers), but also the upwards lift caused by wind that has to be evaluated.

Also, as far as I know, this applies to the roof of the main dwelling. If you’re installing solar panels on a car port, again no need.

these would be installed flat on the roof so no structure would need to be built. I guess it would be up to the complex / trustees and the Insurance to make a call like that.

The complex is split into three long roof sections with 7 units if everyone decides to add panels that could be an issue for the roof structure i would think, could be wrong.

THanks for your feedback

Not always. Its not law, to my knowledge but its was a requirement from a few body corporates where we installed. On one occasion, the insurance of one client also requested a signoff. I think excluding having my own installation signed off as a precaution, i only had to organise it for maybe 5 other clients

thank you