Software to check Pylontech

Hi there.

I have 2 Victron/Pylontech systems that started to give high cell voltage warnings and alarms. I read the posts on the DCVV settings to 3@ and lower the Volts but still no luck after 3 weeks.

I want to see if I can ID the specific battery by using software to communicate with the batteries. I do have the relevant cable. I know this has been discussed here before but I can not find the thread to the download link for the software.

A push in the right direction will be appreciated.


I recommend using MultiSIBControl to monitor the Pylontechs if you already have the cable and a Windows PC. Its meant for Axpert Inverters but I use the software to monitor my battery bank as its read only and you only have to configure the COM port in the software.

Provides in depth monitoring of all cells in the battery including individual cell voltage and temperature and its free.

Let me know if you try it.

I forgot to mention that I had the same issue with a high voltage alarm on VRM and the cell imbalance had grown to around 6% and one cell was hitting 3.6V in one of the PylonTechs.

This was a first and I merely set the Victron to keep batteries charged and watched the MultiSIBControl software as the BMS pulled the voltage down on the high cell and balanced the battery to less than 0.5% imbalance.

I then removed the keep batteries charged setting and I havent had any issues since.

Much appreciated. I am looking into aal the help you suggested. Will keep you posted.


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Hi @pvdw1

Did you make any progress?