SmartSolar 150/35 vs 150/45

Does anyone know what the difference is between these two, apart from the 35A vs 45A rating? I only need 30A, so both will work, but if the 150/45 is a newer model or will be more reliable due to running further below its rating then I would be tempted to shell out the extra R500 for it.

The product codes are:
SCC115035210 SmartSolar MPPT 150/35
SCC115045212 SmartSolar MPPT 150/45


The 150/45 all day long. It is a completely different architecture. More robust and with the extra headroom, will be cooler to boot.



I have both. Outside they look identical, in size and even the heat sinks.

Inside I have no idea.

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As Sarel said. The 150/45 is a newer hardware platform, and it has hardware capabilities (the way it limits power at the maximum point) that the 150/35 does in software. The 150/35 is from the cheaper family and has more in common with the 100V controllers (like the 100/50). These differences are of course also reflected in the price.

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Thank you very much guys. I’m following your advice and ordering the 150/45.

Just to add my 2c I would also suggest the 150/45.

I did not realise the difference in hardware and went with the 150/35 as that’s all I needed for my 2x panels on it. I remember looking at the 150/45 for expandability, but also wanted the lower price and settled on the 150/35. I quickly realised the difference compared to the 150/70 I have for the other panels when reading the firmware update notes after updating.

I have a 250/85 and a 150/35 … both work fine.

Oh, yeah. Don’t get me wrong it still works 100% fine. I just got a meh feeling the day of the install when I realised I bought older hardware with firmware features that can’t always be supported on it.

But in terms of generation. 100% fine.