Hi all…just joined (referred by someone here already).

I was wondering if you have any info on SMART DB boards…and also converting your current DB Board into a smart DB board.

I know you get various switches etc, that will fit in a DB Board, like Tuya, Vizia etc? But is there no-one making a single solution? Should this not be the future?

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Howzit and welcome

I think there are just too many variables to make a generic smart DB, but rather a din rail mounted smart switch with contactors put into a small surface mounted DB next to the main DB works very well. But then the contactors would have to be rated according to the circuit breakers feeding whatever you switching so once again it cant just be a generic board.

Welcome Morne.

There are various possible ways to go about this. CBI (local DB people, make the Astute range, Tuya compatible. Then there are various others, Shelly also makes a few pieces. A number of these DB mount Din rail devices will allow automation and also feed you with Voltage, current, power etc. This makes it useful for Automation via the usual HA’s or Node Red or whatever you use. Lots of these have integration into home automation systems, or within their own apps.

I prefer the HA route, since you can control them all via a single interface.


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OK…I am newbie here… You speak about HA’s and Node Red etc? Care to explain…

Think of me as being an idiot…and you will have the base to go from! :slight_smile:

Pull the other one :smiley:

Home automation like there are a few on the market, I happen to use Home Assistant, see pic below. Node Red is another way of doing same and running scripts etc. Google is your friend :slight_smile:


Thanks…I am schooled… :laughing:

Shelly makes a few DIN-mount items. The Pro 3EM is an excellent product, that I had the fortune to test even before it was officially released, and they have several relay products as well. What sets these apart, is they have ethernet as well as Wi-Fi support.

They are a tad costly though, at around 60 Euro for the 1PM relay, and double that for the energy meter.

You can also stick a garden variety Sonoff basic on a DIN mount bracket. Takes a bit too much space for my liking though.

Zemi Smart I guess :laughing: this DB is…
Green LED = Solar. Red LED = Utility
2 x Astutes for Ground Floor Plugs, mostly. It’s their graphs in the HA Display as indicated. Edit: There are capable of 1 x 30A ea.


I have some Sonoff, abandoned all their bulbs, still use some relays. Use Shelly and Tuya a lot. Like em both together with Philips HUE but that’s expensive stuff. Tuya and Shelly for the most part, also available locally so a bonus. Some Shelly stuff not yet available locally tho…


I delayed redoing my DB because I also want to make everything smart so to speak, so I’m currently researching and waiting.

I already have a CBI Astute or 2 elsewhere, so will probably use some of those and like the 30A rating, the Shelly Pro range looks nice, but decking out the entire DB with Shelly Pro will be quite expensive.

Also would have been nice if the Shelly Pro was rated for at least 20A or something, yes yes I know the chance of drawing more than 16A on a circuit is quite slim, but just my weird way of thinking.

P.S. If going Shelly Pro, what does local regulations state around DC ethernet cabling in the same DB as the AC?

Hi Sarel…ivm die pic…watter integration gebruik jy vir jou smart devices? soos die ligte etc?

En waar kry jy die Loadshedding details? Ek is besig om bietjie rond te speel…so dis hoekom ek vra…

Using Philips hue and the Philips integration, also Tuya compatible bulbs and relays, using the Tuna Direct integration for that. Then Sonoff and a Sonoff integration via Smart Life app. You need the HA HACS integration, within that you can get the EskomSePush data and I am using their API, it’s free. For Weather Openweather integration.