Smart borehole controller

Can anyone recommend a good 3 phase isolator switch?
Current rating doesn’t have to be super high, it’s for use on a 1.5 kW borehole pump.

With critical higher current items like these I’ll prefer something which is SABS approved. Something like a CBI Astute would have been perfect, if only they made a 3 phase version.

Eventually I want to tie everything together in HA, so it would be nice if it’s compatible out the box, so probably Tuya or something.


Sounds like a DC contactor is what you’re needing…

Use a CBI astute (for SABS) or SONOFF to control a contactor or relay. Switching inductive loads is quite hard on the contacts, so make sure to check the inductive load ratings for the contactor (or relay) that you choose.


Ok there is currently a normal dumb 3 phase breaker / switch in there, I should have probably said so from the start.

Is there a way to just switch the dumb breaker with a smart contactor or relay?

If its a CB then you might be able to fit a shunt trip which will allow you to ‘trip’ (i.e. switch off) the device but you can’t switch it on remotely…

I edited the title for future reference.

On reinstalling the borehole pump at our new property the previous owners butchered together a so called controller despite my sparkie telling them it’s not a controllers arse, offering none of the critical protection needed, especially with all our load shedding and Eskom’s tricks.
I didn’t want to make a scene so left it at that, thinking I’ll eventually buy a proper controller.

I started doing some research and didn’t find much in terms of smart borehole control whether via wifi, bluetooth or even GSM.

By chance I phoned Nist, they told me about a brand new controller they are launching, not even on their website yet, with built in wifi and bluetooth.

I then bought the Nist Supra R3 controller which offers all the usual over voltage, over current and phase protection, plus it has some smarts to it.

Unfortunately at this stage only a Android app and I’m a Apple guy, I also don’t have my wifi network sorted yet, so have no wifi coverage at the controller, so I couldn’t play with any of its features yet.

Once connected to your wifi network it can be accessed via the app, a browser and optionally you can also connect it to Nist’s cloud service, I think you can subscribe to receive alerts or something.
You can also send it commands via Telegram, set timers, receive alerts etc.

I’ll give feedback once it’s properly set up.

Something to potencially look at is that on the newer Windows 11 you can install Android apps on your PC from the Amazon App Store. But I guess if you are an Apple guy you also might not have a Windows PC?
On the latest Windows 11 Store you must download Amazon Appstore and Windows Subsystem for Android.

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Thanks, I have a PC, but it’s too old for Win11.

The stay on Win10. :wink:

It’ll be a lot less trouble to just buy a R500-R1500 Android phone on Takealot and print a “BOREHOLE CONTROLLER” label.

Step 2: Starting badgering the supplier for an API.

Depending on demand they’ll do a iOS app in future, but I’m not to fussed about it since the app is only needed for initial setup and connection to the wifi network.
One of the very first things I asked them about was a API, they didn’t shoot down the suggestion right away, they said it all depends on demand, they’ll see how the controller sells.