Smart bathtub faucet / automatic shut-off valve?

Are there any products on the market that you can install to only let in a preset amount of water into the bath once the tap is opened? If it resets once the tap is closed that would be perfect.

Alternatives would be a timer or a bath with an inbuilt float valve somehow…

Sometimes the install doesn’t allow for a neat overflow, or the overflow is slower than the rate of water coming in.

I have only seen overflows. These should be able to cope…
Have you checked that the overflow isn’t kinked…

This is for a new bathtub install. It’s going to be a freestanding bath, in a bedroom, upstairs, on a wooden floor. An overflow is the last thing I want, looking for a smart way to make it almost impossible.

Ok. Check this level controller: Other Electronics - Controller Water Liquid Level Sensor 220V + 2m Probe **LOCAL STOCK** for sale in Cape Town (ID:511596065)
The sensor will need to be mounted at the high level cutoff. I hope it isn’t too unsightly :frowning:

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Maybe something like a solenoid value coupled with a sensor at a certain level in the tub could work (in the hole where the overflow would be? Then at least you can cut off the water once it reaches the “full” level?

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just use the same system a washing machine uses to shut off a preset amount of water. its not that difficult to install.

Great idea! You might need to adjust the pressure switch to get the correct level… (They are preset for a particular pressure equivalent to a depth of water…)

I would say that an overflow is the only proper solution. I would hate to have a ruined floor because some microcontroller had a software issue.

Is it really impossible to have a hidden overflow? The most common kind I’ve seen is hidden underneath the spout, like this:


Just remove the ugly chain…