SMA Sunny Boy 5KVA for sale

Hi All
I have a 5KVA sunny boy with original box it came in and all - The system is connected to my PV and house, so now is a great time to come see it work. I want to replace it with a Sunsynk with Batteries, so I am not in a rush, but would love it gone sooner rather than later.

I am open for reasonable offers as I realise everyone wants batteries, but we all know how brilliant these units are.

I stay in Cape Town area


Even considered that, given you’ve already got a PV inverter that complies with Sunspec, getting a Victron Multiplus II, GX device, and batteries might be another option?

It’s an older unit that is not approved for the latest NRS097. Nothing wrong with it, and totally legal to use if it was signed off before the cut-over date (which I think was in 2020), but something to keep in mind.

Also, SMA inverters cannot be limited from the Victron GX computer. Some of these older ones did implement the part of sunspec required for limiting, but there is a whole non-standard process you have to follow to enable it on the inverter, and it has to be done every time you connect to it (not just once). Better to use it with it’s own energy meter and “home manager” as advertised here.

If it is already signed off though, that is a good point. Adding a simple battery inverter, such as a Multiplus, may well be a good plan, and cost no more.

You could also just install the sunsynk, and not tell the city that it needs re-signoff. Not advisable of course, it is technically breach of contract.

But if that SMA was not signed off, then I totally get why the exercise is necessary :slight_smile:

If such an inverter is downstream of an approved device hybrid inverter.
In other words, a device with proven isolation capabilities.
How does that work, when all the safety boxes are ticked?

They look at the “conversion interface”. The part that turns the solar power into grid power. So if you put a PV-inverter behind a Multi, then the PV-inverter must be signed off and nobody cares about the Multi. It seems weird, but that is how it is :slight_smile:

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Yes, weird.
So conversely, would an approved PV inverter be OK downstream of an unapproved Quattro?
Incidentally, the TL-21 isn’t listed in the first batch of approved inverters. (ED.2 certification)

Oh yes. Again, somewhat counterintuitively :slight_smile:

Sunsynk is a good choice. The machine will amaze you.

@enandrews ,
Eric I know this is VERY long after you have placed the add, but is it perhaps still available?
Please email me on frits dot erasmus at gmail dot com