Shoto 5.12 issues

I have two of these, installed in November with a 8kW Deye inverter. Two weeks ago one battery died, and my installer collected both for a “firmware update”. They came back the next day working perfectly (for the first time I had working LEDs on both batteries) but the defective unit had been clearly been opened and worked on.

I read elsewhere that there was a bad batch of Shoto’s that came in late last year. Apparently, when used in multi-battery installations the master’s BMS fails and requires replacement. This could be a ticking timebomb for anyone with a single Shoto battery that intends to add another at a later stage. I reached out to the Shoto SA GM to confirm if this is true and suggested a formal recall. He has not responded, so I’m just putting this out there …

Reviving this old thread as I my mother is also looking to do an installation.

The installer suggested a 5.1 Kwh Shoto as this also has a 1C rating (not that her needs are such that she would ever have need for this.

But… will the Shoto BMS communicate without issues/programming requirements with a Venus or Cerbo?

She really needs a very simple and small but robust system and I know too little about the Luxpower 5Kva that was suggested. Thinking about a 3Kva Multiplus II to donate to her.

Budget is very limited.

Don’t know. It might… a lot of batteries speak the right protocol, we just don’t know about them. At least… yet….

Waiting for the installer to enlighten me about this.

Centurion has had it very rough the past 2 months and its not seeming to get better.