Shelly 3EM Back in stock

I know some you contacted me about Shelly 3EM availability - They are now back in stock :upside_down_face:

Shelly 3EM 3 Phase energy meter

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Thanks @bexacom nice and quick order.

@ebendl , @PJJ , they are available, not too many in stock if you are still interested.

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Thanks for the great service @bexacom , Ordered and paid yesterday, I arrived at work today and the Shelly’s were waiting for me on my table…


I need to say something about these devices. Internally they use a chip made be Analog Devices, a dedicated energy measurement chip. That chip alone costs almost 20 USD. Probably less in higher volumes, but however you look at it, it is not a $2 chip as in many other devices, or an MCU using ADCs and some sort of software solution.

I am honestly very very impressed with what I see. In fact, it’s like the German tanks of old. Slightly overengineered… it almost makes you worried that they may not be able to build enough of them fast enough :wink:


So before @TheTerribleTriplet asks… Victron Integration timescales? :wink:

It is coming … but the one that is waiting for an answer … is @Gman. :wink:

OK, so the bad news is that there will probably not be integration for this particular gen1 device.

The good news is there may be support for a higher-end model in the future, but I am not allowed to tell you about that yet.

Hahahahahhah!!! You know it because I like my Shelly stuff. And it will be nice if it can connect up with other systems we already got up and running. Veral ek wat so mengsel van n system het.