Selling or disposal of batteries


I have 8x 200ah used gell batteries. I recall an installer mentioning once that there are places that buy up used batteries and reclaim the lead. Does anyone know of such a place in or around Pretoria\Jhb or Gauteng?

Otherwise, where does one safely dispose these large heavy batteries?

Thank you.

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I remember dropping mine off at a Battery Center as they have a recycling program:

Have a battery to recycle?
Simply drop it off at your nearest Battery Centre.

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Fry’s Metals in Germiston or Reclam in Boksburg are the biggest in th game and will pay you the best R/kg.

Thanks. I’ve contacted both companies via the online forms but thus far I haven’t heard anything back.

Last time I just took all my old batteries to a battery place. They had no issue giving me fee for the total weight. I think all of them recycle the old batteries

Sure but the price you get per kg varies a lot!


I finally got a price. You should get paid over R9 per kg for scrap LA batteries.

Been close to 2 weeks and neither company has responded on my emails

Were is LA Batteries located?

Sorry! LA being shorthand for lead-acid.
The company I got this info from is Reclam.
Phone them on: 011 8806410

Best price I got was at BSI Renewable Energy in Silverton. If memory serves, they paid R9.00/kg.

I cycled four 200Ah AGM’s

Only thing is, they pay only once a month. So take it closer to the end of the month.

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