Seeking advice on setting up a solar system

Hi everyone. I’m busy investigating setting up a solar system at my place. I have a few challenges, including the majority of my roof currently being taken up by my pool heating system, limiting the amount of space available for panels.

I currently use between 600 - 700 kwH per month and had been planning on around 7kw if panels, a Sunsynk 5/8 kW inverter and starting off with around 6kwH of lithium battery storage. I’ve had an installer out who’s provided me with the following quotes (and is advocating I use EVO batteries).

I’m looking for guidance from more experienced forumites on the costs, the total panel sizes he’s recommended and whether this is an install you’d take up?.

8kw Sunsynk inverter, 1 5.7kwH Evo battery

2x 5kw Growatt inverters, 2 x Evo 5.7 kWh batteries

The only info on the Evo batteries I have is what’s on the attached spec sheet, I’ve been unable to find info online.

EVO5.7V-1.2.pdf (379.3 KB)

Installer has offered to swop out the Evo batteries for Hubble (which was my original choice) in six months time if I’m not satisfied with them.

Thoughts? Advice?

I think they’re the same thing, just branded differently.

The most expensive item on the quote is the battery and you have been offered a non-name brand.

Your installer is clearly motivated by margin and not what’s best for you. If it were me, I would find someone else.

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Look, hordes of people have Pylontech. It works. They are happy. Difficult to recommend something unknown. Not sure about Hubble other than that it has been aggressively pushed as the best option in the world on “another” forum.

The parts list is one thing, but the quality of installation is another. Can’t comment on the installer, but it is something to consider. You can buy all the parts of a Ferrari, but if you don’t put it together properly…

I’ll also be very careful to put less battery capacity than 8kWh on a 8kW inverter (when going LiFePO4). Preferably more. Unless you will be extremely disciplined.