[script] Control battery charge - primitive automation [ess_opticharge]

This is my simple automation script (ess_opticharge) that can be run by cron to set a battery charge window and parameters. It utilizes the ESS scheduled charge function in VenusOS.

My goal is to maximize self consumption. This script provides a simple mechanism to do a battery charge during (night) off-peak tariff, so I can pump the battery up, this way having enough energy in it until I reach the PV production time.
It also leverages a simple weather forecast check for the upcoming day, so I can preset the needed SOC according to weather a good or bad PV production day is expected.

Of course the time window can be set differently.

The script has variable section with explanation of the parameters to be set which acts as a configuration part. All is done in bash, so nothing additional needed. It looks like very primitive “poor’s man nodered bash-ing” :laughing:

Probably someone else can find this useful.