Sans 60364-7-712

Hi there.

I see this SANS is for sale from the SABS webpage. I do not mind to pay the fee but would like to page through a copy befor doing so. Do anyone here own and use one?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Here is the SANS 10142 referral to this SANS. The photovoltaic installation shall comply with SANS 60364-7-712
and the solar panels shall comply with SANS 61215 (for poly and mono
crystalline) or SANS 61646 (for thin-film)

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Hi Peet,

I quickly went through the copy my company has, so that answers a few questions. Do I use it daily and or in relation to PV installations? Not directly.

Is it usefull? Yes actually there are a few things in there that can be used, BUT… as with all standards they are interconnected. If you do installations as per SANS10142 and NRS then you are “automatically” compliant to most other standards. This specific one would answer most of the “why do it this way” questions.

So I would recommend that to have it is better than not to have it (if the fee is reasonable). This will give you a good oversight on over current protection, fuse sizing, safety requirements, earthing.

But again, this standard would also be covered in the Inverter, SANS10142, etc.


Rautenk thank you for the reply. The info is very helpfull. I was expecting someting in line with what you said but wanted to conferm.