SANS 10142-1:2017 Annexure P section?

Can anyone paste the SANS 10142-1 of 2017, Annexure P here for me so I can see what it says. Our electrical supplier references this annexure in their requirements document.


Annex P is “Examples of emergency power installation configuration”
Is this what you are looking for?

The document is copyrighted, so I don’t think I am allowed to paste sections of it here

Ah, ok.

On another note, they require me to NOT connect to the grid for 20 minutes. having this discussion a while ago I recall that SANS requires you to reconnect in not more than 1 minute but at the time I had no documentation from my supplier. Now I have their requirement and it’s set in stone.

Does anyone have the SANS guideline that explains that? Here is my supplier’s section that I don’t really want to adhere to because I have to carry the load for another 20 minutes.

Once power to the grid is restored, the SSEG may not be connected or reconnected to the grid until

  1. 20-minute delay has passed
  2. It has been properly synchronised with it.

If however it’s a grey area then I have to comply.

To my knowledge, the reconnection times is part of the grid code. The SA grid code says something like you can not reconnect quicker than 1 minute and no later that 10 minutes after the power is restored.

I can’t rember the correct timing but am fairly certain that if you use 20 min, you won’t be NRS compliant.

@plonkster and @Rautenk what say you

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@Rautenk signed my system off at 1+ min to wait before synching.

I also tend to agree with the 1min time but need some documentation to back it up. The Ziehl settings for ZA has that set to 1min also so the question is how far can they push that limit and still be within spec?

There is an upper limit as well, w just need to confirm what it is. I remember something like 600 seconds.

The NRS097-2-1 document that I have doesn’t appear to have a copyright notice like the SANS document, so I think it’s ok to post this here:

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Jip, 1 minute or more before you can reconnect and then no longer than 10 minutes.

I really do not see why an upper limit was imposed, but it is there. The lower limit and also the randomisation of this is very important.

That is why when someone noted before on this forum that their body corporate requires 10min to 20min, I made the comment that this would make you non-compliant with NRS and codes and would result in a compliance failure.


Reading the above document, it seems that controllable generators may not reconnect to full capacity before 10 minutes - A maximum rate of 10% of rated power per minute, so the earliest you get to full output is 10 minutes.

So it might be that a controllable generator is being installed?

Yeah, the Multi reconnects after 60 seconds, and then it has a ramp rate that it follows (pretty similar to VDE-AR-N-4105). But unlike the German standard, the ramp rate is only on starting to feed in… not shutting down too. The German code requires both a ramp-up and a ramp-down. 20 Minutes is just ridiculous.

@Rautenk Yip, that was me in that first discussion. Now that I have their requirements in black and white I can see they set it to 20minutes before I can reconnect. I think I am going to fight this but will also help them in another way.

First I am keeping my Zhiel reconnect timer set to 1min but then I have a ChargeControl relay (Again, internal timer of Quattro doesn’t work reliably for me) and set that to the 20 minutes they require. I hope by explaining that I am only going to draw ‘normal’ house power after grid restore, no geysers as they managed that anyway, and all my heavy loads are on ACout2 (Also set to 20 minutes reconnect). But at least I can trickle charge my battery at 1A during that time and also rely on grid power to power my house.

Lets see when their inspector comes around for final acceptance.

The intro to NRS097 does seem to imply that the utility can set some of their own requirements → under section 1 “additional requirements may be set by the utility to ensure safety and quality of supply on the network”.

In this case I suspect the 20 minute requirement is from the the utility (not body corporate). p.11 section5.

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That’s the one… Seems I have to absorb 20 minutes on my batteries then.